May 16, 2018

The Art Of Buying Yourself The Perfect Gift

From time to time, it is a good idea to step back and pay attention to yourself a little better. There are many ways to do this, but one of the best is simply to stop and buy yourself a present of some kind. Fortunately, buying yourself a gift is pretty easy to do, and as long as you really know yourself well you can be sure of getting something you are bound to love. But it can be surprising how hard it is to buy for yourself, especially if you are used to buying for other people all the time. In this article, we re going to look at the lost art of buying gifts for yourself, and how to make sure you are doing it just right.

Get Past The Mental Block
The main reason most people struggle with this is simply because they don’t actually believe that they deserve to buy themselves something nice. If you are prone to self-sabotage, then you will likely find that you accidentally end up simply not buying yourself the thing you really want, or not leaving yourself enough money to do so at all. It is important to try and get past this mental block if you are to get yourself a gift you will truly love, as it is something that can end up really getting in the way if you are not careful. As long as you manage to deal with the blockage, however, you can find yourself the ideal gift - and that can mean wonderful things for your relationship with yourself in the future too.

Go For Something Original
If you really want to make yourself happy in this way, you should make sure that you manage to go above and beyond and look for something truly original instead of something that you might automatically look to. This can be hard, but as long as you are happy spending some time shopping around you should find that it is actually surprisingly easy to get right. You might want to find yourself the perfect pair of retro jordans for sale or maybe even an item of jewelery which you would normally not wear. This can be a great way of widening out your own horizons so that you can end up with something truly original, and it is definitely worth considering.

Budget Yourself Appropriately
There is hardly any point bankrupting yourself in the name of a single, simple gift - but you should consider budgeting yourself so that you do not understand either. The whole point here is to treat yourself to something special, so don't be afraid to give yourself a budget which actually allows this pretty easily. You might find that you only get the perfect gift when you manage to get the budget right, so it is definitely worth thinking about that if you want to do so. Get that right, and you will end up with a gift you are happy with and a bank account which remains healthy too.

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May 11, 2018

This Diva Does: Why It’s Time To Put Yourself First

In life, it’s only natural that you want to put everyone that means something to you above yourself. As women, it’s something that comes very easily to us. We love to nurture and care, and that’s a beautiful trait to have. But at the same time, you can often find that this trait leads you to neglecting yourself. We’re not necessarily talking about doing yourself harm. But when you’re busy taking care of everyone else, it’s really easy to forget about taking care of yourself. But there should always come a time where you realize that you need to think about putting yourself first. Because you can only ever take care of others when you’re strong in yourself. If you’re a sinking ship, you won’t be able to give the best you can to those you care about.

And even more so, it’s time that you were able to improve your life and live on your own terms. While it’s great to ensure that you’re looking after those that matter to you, you’re number one. You will only ever be all that you have, of course you deserve to be taken care of. It’s time for you to realize just how fabulous you are, and why you need to start treating yourself better than you ever have before. So let’s take a look at why and how you can start doing this today, to change your life forever.

Your Health Matters

First of all, you’re going to want to realize that your health is important. Now, deep down, this is something that you know. But it’s often all too easy to just assume that your health is fine and that you’re taking care of things - even though you’re not taking any action. So, it’s time that you start to take care of yourself, and putting yourself first helps with that. Start listening to your body so that you can understand what it needs you to do for your health.

And So Does Your Happiness

But that’s not all, your happiness is also incredibly important too. You deserve to be a happy person. And not just someone that says they’re happy, but truly means it. So if you know that you aren’t really on the track to happiness, starting to put your needs first is going to help you to get there.

You Deserve To Feel Your Best

Quite frankly, you deserve to feel incredible all of the time. And if you don’t, you need to change that. It’s okay to have down days, because this is something that we all experience. But you deserve to spend your life feeling good, content, and grateful. Sometimes, this is only something we can experience when we strip things back and start to work on what we really want.

And Look It Too

If you’re always putting others before you, and you’re losing time to focus on yourself, you may not feel your best - that much is true. But at the same time, you may not be able to put your all into looking you best. And we all know what when we look good, we feel good. So at the very least, you owe it to yourself to start having a bit more fun with your appearance and really focusing on looking your best at all times. Life it too short to let yourself go to focus on other people.

Taking Care Of Yourself Feels Great

But this isn’t just some materialistic or egotistical need that you’re fulfilling. Oh no. Because taking care of yourself feels good. Make sure that you find the right products and ask yourself does Lifecell work or whatever you need to to get on track. Invest in yourself so that you can feel your best. Because you deserve it.

You Deserve Love

And that’s not all. You deserve love too. You deserve to be loved by those around you, and loved as much as you love. That much is true. Even when you feel like you’re the one that’s meant to give love, you can take it too. But sometimes, in order for you to believe that, you have to start taking steps to put yourself first.

Loving Yourself Is The Key

In order to get there, you can often find that you need to love yourself first. And if you’re too busy taking care of everybody else, how are you meant to do that? But when you take a step back and you start to focus on who you are and what you need, you can take better care of yourself. And that’s what loving yourself really is. When you can look after yourself and give yourself the love you deserve, others will give it to you too.

When You’re Strong, They’re Strong

Sometimes, you have to start putting yourself first to realize how strong you are. At the same time, you can only get strong when you know that you’re doing you and putting yourself first. But this isn’t just for you. Because when you’re a strong woman, those around you are strong true. If you want to raise strong kids, you have to know what it feels like first.

You Control Your Own Happiness

If you’re someone that has always felt like their happiness is in the hands of others, then you’re about to find out that it’s not strictly true. Because you can easily create your own happiness. You are in control of your life and your destiny, and this is something that you start to realize when you put yourself first. You can see that you control your future and how you feel in the present. And that’s a power you deserve to discover.

Life Is Short

Remember, life is short. And if you’re not going to put yourself first now, when will you? You deserve to live life on your own terms, and that will always involve putting your wants and needs first.

What You Want Matters

It’s easy to believe that you have to focus on what others want. From your partner to your kids to your parents and your friends, you’ve got a whole lot of people in your life that want a piece of the cake. But can only stretch so thin before you burnout. So before long, you need to figure out what you want from life, and go after it. Because what you want matters too. It doesn’t have to be about what everyone else wants all the time.

It’s Never Too Late

Right now, you may be thinking that’s it's too late. That you’ve always put others before you, and that’s how it’s going to be. But that’s not true. Even if you just take small steps and make tiny changes, you can start to put yourself first and live your best life because of it. And that’s all that matters.

Your Mindset Will Be Infectious

And what you’re doing really isn’t just about you. As a woman, you want to be the best that you can be, not only for yourself, but for others too. Well, when you’re working on you and you’ve gained a positive mindset, it will become infectious. Your attitude will rub off on others and your efforts will benefit more than just yourself.

You’ll Set The Best Example

As a step on from that, you’ll also be able to lead by example. If you want your kids to be strong, happy, and healthy, you need to show them the way. When you focus on yourself, you can put your best qualities out there and start to lead by example.

You’ll Be Able To Share Your Best Self

And above all else, you’ll be able to share your best self with everyone in your life. When you put yourself first and you’re in a great place mentally and emotionally, it’s going to benefit everyone else in your life. And that can often be the best motivation of all. So it’s time to start putting these steps into practice and see what you can do.

Now this may seem like a long list, but the fact that you’ve got this far shows that you really are ready to start putting yourself first. At first, it can feel like you’re being selfish or that you just want to let go of your responsibilities in life to live a little. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Because sometimes, choosing to put yourself first means that you actually end up becoming more in-tune with what your responsibilities are and how best to prioritize them.

Because that’s the beauty of putting yourself first, you become your best self. And that’s what this is all about. You don’t have to change, you don’t have to become someone else or a better person, you are already great as you are. But it’s time that you start to feel like the diamond you are, and working to put you and your needs first can help you to finally do that.

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May 7, 2018

Your 4-Step Guide to Throwing the Perfect Party

The good weather is upon us once again, and it’s the ideal time to get out and about and enjoy the great weather. Sometimes it’s good to go for a stroll by the ocean, or river, and enjoy some drinks in the sun, but you might also like to entertain the idea of throwing your own party. This is something that’s become more popular these days, and with an outside space, you are perfectly placed to do this.

Parties are the perfect occasion for dear friends to come together and enjoy the nice weather and some great company. If you want to throw the ideal party and give your friends an awesome experience, you need to make sure you plan in advance. These are the 4 essential steps involved in planning the ultimate party!

Step 1: Decide Who to Invite

The first thing you need to do is decide who you’re going to invite to your party. This is probably the easiest part of the process, as the most likely choice will be friends and family. You have to make sure you’re inviting people who are sociable and enjoy having a good time. The easiest way to send invites would be to set up a private event on Facebook, but you also might about creating your own specialized invites. Choosing the right people will ensure that everyone has a great time and the party is a memorable one.

Step 2: Consider What You Will Do for Food

The next thing to consider is the food situation, something that plays a massive role in the process. You need to have enough food to feed your guests and have some left over in case of emergencies! Now, if you’re holding something like a French-themed dinner party, you will need to do French cuisine. But it will also be a little easier as you will have few people to cater for. However, if you’re hosting a big party, a BBQ is probably the way to go. In fact, if you get everyone to bring something, there will be plenty of food to go around, and you’ll save yourself money too.

Step 3: Stock up on Booze

Stocking up on booze is also crucial for any party as you need to keep guests suitably lubricated. Think about the best sort of drink for a party; wine is essential, spirits, cocktails if the weather is good, and, of course, beer as well! You need to brainstorm ideas to help keep the drinks cold as well. There is only limited room in the fridge, so you should consider ice buckets or custom koozies to help keep the drinks chilled.

Step 4: Get the Right Playlist

No party would be complete without the right playlist, and this is something you must work on before the party. You need to get the right mix and balance of songs to help your guests have a great time and to keep the party lively. Somber, downbeat songs might be better for later in the night when things have quieted down and become more philosophical. But, for the most part, you want upbeat numbers that will have people rocking out in style!

If you can follow this 4-step guide, you should definitely have aced your way to the perfect party. It’s important to remember that a party is the time to enjoy yourself and be as happy and chilled out as possible. These steps can help you ensure you have a party to remember and enjoy the delightful weather while you can.

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How To Pick The Perfect Gift Based On Personality

When it comes to buying gifts, you’re always going to want to ensure that you pick out the perfect thing for the person in question. But it’s never really that easy. Whether you’re faced with someone that’s difficult to buy for, or they already have everything that they want, you may come up short. You can spend months or weeks preparing to still question yourself. And that can cause a lot of stress when you’re supposed to be feeling great about picking out the perfect gift. So, there has to be an easier way of doing things. Instead of dropping hints or scouring the stores, there is a much quicker solution to sourcing the perfect gift…

Simple! Just turn to their personality! They say you can tell a lot about a person by considering their personality, and you can. A lot of the time, when you’re looking for a gift, you’ll consider their interests and the things that they like. But this can leave you feeling confused. Instead, when you consider their personality, how they act, the places they go, and the preferences they have in everything from social occasions to what they eat, you can often determine the best gifts that will work with their lives. So let’s break it down.


So they love the books, they lead an intellectual lifestyle, and they’re very high brow? Gift wise, you’ve got…

A First Edition

When your giftee loves to read, a book is going to be an obvious choice. But you won’t always want to go for the usual kind of fiction - knowing that there’s a high chance they would have already read it. So instead, you should think about looking for a first edition that could wow them. If they have a favorite author, or a favorite book series, looking out for this in first edition print could be their perfect present.

Something Techie

Next, you might like to look out for a gadget or two. This could be something that’s going to make their life a little easier, like an Alexa (if they don’t have one already), or something that will benefit their interests, like a piece of software. So really think about how they spend their time to identify what they might like best.

A Talking Point

Finally, you might want to go with something that’s just for fun. This won’t be what everyone wants to pick out, but if you are struggling with the first too, then going for an unusual gift could be exactly what you need. At the very least, this could become something that is a talking point, and something that they laugh about for years to come!


They’re sports mad, and when they’re not playing it they’re watching it. So the perfect gifts could be…

Game Tickets

What sports fan doesn’t want to go and see their favorite team play? And when they’re sports mad, even if they regularly go and see their favorite team play in one sport, you know that you can get them tickets to another kind of sport. If it’s something that they never go and see, or are yet to see live at all, this is going to be a pretty impressive present indeed.

Signed Memorabilia

If they do only love the one sport and they go to every game, then your nest option is to look out for some signed memorabilia. Of course, you could get a jersey or a ball and try and get it signed for them. But if you can’t come through, you’ll be left without a gift. So instead, you’re going to want to think about hunting down some great options that you can gift to them instead.

Coaching Or Classes

Finally, you’ve then got the option of going with some coaching. This is something that you could think about doing when you know that they’ve always wanted to take up a particular sport or even try out a class. Maybe they want to get back into their favorite sport but just haven’t got around to it yet. Then you know this will be a winner. You could even get this as a gift for the both of your to try.


As classic as they come, they love all things traditional. When it comes to gifts, you’ll find a winner with…


The gift of jewelry always goes a long way. Whether you’re buying for a guy or a girl, it’s safe to say that there will be something that you can get to impress. And if we’re talking about a special occasion then you’re definitely going to want to think about going for something classic and timeless, like a tennis bracelet, earrings, or a watch. Jewelry is definitely one gifting area that you can never go wrong with.

Classic Trinkets

Next, you’ve also got the option of choosing classic trinkets that your giftee will love. Whether you’re looking for the best tobacco pipe for the money or a jewelry box, make sure that you find something that fits with their decor. From a man's den to the ladies boudoir, these are the kinds of gifts that could really wow if you make sure that the style fits perfectly. But then you know their personality, so you should know what works.


Finally, you’ve also got the option of going for an experience. Because when you know that the person in question loves their traditions and to travel, then you know that they value experiences. So why not book them a trip for a weekend or even a visit to the spa? These are the kinds of gifts that are incredibly simple but that could really wow when chosen perfectly.


They’ve been everywhere, read everything, and seen it all. Hard to buy for? Never! Just stick to…

Show Tickets

If you know that there is a show that they’re dying to see, or that they just haven’t gotten around to seeing just yet, then this is the perfect present idea for you. Take a look at the best shows on Broadway at the time and see if you can match anything up to what they haven’t seen. You know this is something that will wow!


Now, you may not have the budget to buy them a world-renowned piece of art, but you could definitely pick something up by a local artist, or something on your travels for them. This is something quaint and quirky and really unique that could become a special gift to them.

Cook For Them

Finally, you might then want to think about something thoughtful and simple that you could do instead. Because choosing to make them dinner could be exactly what they want. Maybe we’re talking about a parent or a best friend or a spouse? Then deciding that you’re going to cook an incredible three-course meal based on their favorite countries or locations could be exactly what they want. If you get the wine pairings right and decorate in the style of the cuisine too, this really could be a showstopping gift.

So now that you’ve seen the options that are going to work with these four personality traits, you’ll easy to be able to pick out the perfect gift for them. And if your giftee’s personality hasn’t quite been covered off by what we’ve got on offer, by taking a look at these great examples, you should be able to work out the perfect gift based on your giftee’s lifestyle, interests, and personality traits. Happy Shopping!

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May 4, 2018

Unusual Gifts for Those Who Are Difficult to Buy For

We all know someone, that one person who is seemingly impossible to buy for. They could be a friend, a family member, a colleague, or a partner, but there is always one. This person is the biggest annoyance when shopping for gifts, and can throw the whole event into some kind of stressful tailspin! How do you decide what to buy them when you know they basically hate everything?!

Okay, so you could just give them money or vouchers in a card. Yes, it’s boring, but it serves them right! However, you might feel as though you’d like to be a bit more unique than that, and persevere to actually get them something that’s not a voucher! Well, assuming you have the patience for it, here are a few unusual gift ideas you might like to consider to find a special gift.

Memory Foam Pillow

Ah, weren’t expecting that were you?! Well, your friend won’t be expecting it either! Memory foam pillows are all the rage these days, and they are ideal for those who might be having trouble sleeping. So many of us have sleep routines that differ, but getting a full night of shut-eye can be tricky. With a memory foam pillow, the lucky recipient can have the feeling of absolute weightlessness, as though they are resting their head on a cloud. This is the ideal present for someone who has been complaining about a poor sleeping schedule!

Boogie Board Writing Tablet

It’s great to have the convenience of writing yourself notes and reminders, but it’s quite the waste of paper, right? Well, for that forgetful friend you should consider the Boogie Board writing tablet. This LCD tablet lets you scribble as much as you need, and you can erase just with the click of a button. It can be attached to multiple surfaces and is ideal to take with you wherever you go. It’s fun, thrifty, and environmentally sound, so it will most likely appeal to their sensibilities. You can find this product online, and it’s not going to set you back much money anyway.

Display Case

Display cases are a great idea because they look great and they allow people the change to proudly display things of value to them. They could be movie scripts, they might be football jerseys; whatever they are a display case is a great way to show them off. In fact, if you visit, they have a great array of display cases on offer, some that would be perfect for your grandfather to display his military medals. This is a wonderful gift to give someone as it is thoughtful and practical, as well as allowing them to combine it with other things they love.

These are just a few examples of some of the unusual gifts you might consider getting for those people in your life who are impossible to buy for. These are gifts that show thought and effort, and they don’t have to cost too much either. Make sure you aren’t afraid to experiment and try something new because this could well result in the perfect gift.

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April 30, 2018

Adventures In Alaska: Your Perfect Summer Break

Planning your summer break? If you’re looking for something different to the usual beach fun or backpack treks, why not consider something a bit more adventurous instead?

Alaska is a fantastic location to explore, with incredible views, wonderful wilderness and plenty of things to do. For adventures to remember and stories to share come fall semester, a visit to Alaska could be your ideal summer break.

Amazing adventures in Alaska

The wilderness

Did you know that only 20% of Alaska is accessible by road? As one of the United States’ largest states, it’s a fantastic place to experience rare, unspoiled wilderness and avoid the usual tourist traps. If you’ve got a strong sense of adventure, spending some time in the Alaskan wilderness will be an experience you’ll never forget. There are some great Alaskan tours you can take which include day tours, multi-day tours and more. It’s better to explore with a guide or in a group - a solo venture is not recommended if you’re unfamiliar with the area or basic survival skills!

Anchorage - the city with a difference

Anchorage is a US city with a difference. Far from your typical city stay, Anchorage offers the perfect blend of metropolitan living with some incredible experiences, including dog sledding, motorcycle tours, sailing excursions and more. If you’re not a fan of the cold, going to Anchorage during the summer months means you’ll benefit from the warmest temperatures. There’s a wealth of accommodation to enjoy in Alaska, including the Holiday Inn Express Anchorage Airport, which is ideal for late arrivals and early morning flights into the city. Enjoy the great outdoors during the day and then check out Anchorage’s lively nightlife after dark for the full summer break package.

Get up close with Alaskan wildlife

Alaska might not have the largest population, people-wise, but it certainly makes up for it with its wildlife population. Kodiak Island is where you could find yourself face to face with bears in the wild, while you might even spot a bald eagle while you’re there. Of course, if the thought of seeing wild bears up close brings back haunting memories of The Revenant, you might prefer a trip to the Alaska Zoo instead. Whichever option you choose, don’t forget your camera!

Try your hand at sporting adventures

Like to be active and try new things? You’ll find all the activities an adrenaline junkie could ask for in Alaska. Popular extreme sports in Alaska include ice climbing, bore tide surfing, and mountain climbing. If you really want to make some great memories and break away from your comfort zone - you won’t be short of inspiration in Alaska.

A trip to Alaska offers the adventure of a lifetime, the perfect antidote to exam stress. Break away from the usual vacation spots and enjoy your first adventure break in one of the US’ most awe-inspiring states. Get your friends together and book your trip to enjoy a summer vacation you’ll never forget.

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Dealing With Grief: Survival Tips To Help You Cope

In life, there is one inconvenient truth. We are all going to die, someday. For many of us, the thought of our own mortality on this Earth is difficult enough, but the realization that those close to us are going to die is something we find very hard to handle. And when it happens? When our loved one does die? It feels as if our world has fallen apart, and we are left to pick up the pieces of our broken and grieving hearts. Just how can we get through the emotional pain we suffer? It would be glib of us to suggest an easy answer. But there are strategies we can take; steps to help us survive in this very difficult time. Consider the following as examples.

1. Don’t put on a brave face.
If you are struggling emotionally, let those around you know about it. Stifling your grief won’t help, and your suppressed feelings will not go away. From sadness to anger, express your emotions privately and publicly, and draw on the strength of others to help you through this terrible time.

2. Draw on your faith.
If you have a faith in the afterlife, then contemplate on what death means. In the words of J.M. Barrie, ‘death is an awfully big adventure.’ If you don’t believe death is the end, embrace the prospect that your loved one is on their next chapter. This will help you come to terms with the loss in your life, and give you some semblance of hope.

3. Distract yourself.
When a loved one dies, there will be a huge gap in your life, and one that is difficult to fill. However, there is little point ruminating on the loss in your life, especially when the pain eats you up inside. Instead, carry on with the normal things in your life; those things that keep you busy. Go to work, do your chores, watch tv, see your friends, walk the dog… do anything that will give your sad and troubled mind a respite from your tragic thoughts.

4. Remember the person.
You will miss your loved one forever, but (as glib as this does sound), time does heal. The pain will subside, and you will go about your life as normal after a period of mourning. However, you can still take time to think about the person you have lost. From photo albums to cremation urns, have something to hand to make you think of and celebrate the person missing from your life. Hopefully, you will have enough happy memories to replace your sadness with the joy that came from having that person in your life.

5. Get any help you need.
You don’t have to handle your bereavement alone. Speak to your friends and family members, and surround yourself with their love. Attend bereavement groups, and share your experience, while learning from the coping mechanisms other people are using. You might also consider bereavement counseling to help you deal with the loss and any painful memories that are eating you up inside. There’s nothing wrong in asking for help, so find the people who can assist you, and benefit from their support.

In Closing
The loss of somebody close to us is not easy to comprehend. However, you need to go on. Your life is important, so you must find ways to move on, for the benefit of yourself, and those other loved ones who still surround you on a daily basis. We hope our advice has been helpful, but let us know about the coping strategies you have used when you have faced the loss of somebody close to you. Take care, and thanks for reading.

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Here's What Makes An Attractive Insta-Account

Once upon a time, Instagram was just another social media platform, kind of like Facebook but with less ranting and venting, and more images. That was all. Fast-forward to the present day, though, and Instagram has the ability to change everyday lives. Sure, if your beautiful in the eyes of the magazine industry then you have a leg up because you can go from pedaling charcoal toothpaste to owning your own swimwear company. But you don’t have to be a part-time model to make Instagram work in your favor and become rich/famous.

You could be an incredible photo editor like Nois7, or make nice shoes like Fairfax & Favor or showcase redheaded people in a new light in the same way Thomas Knights does. Whatever it is you do, it all starts with improving your Instagram profile and feed.

So, without further ado, here are some simple things you can do to make your Insta-life more visually pleasing to anyone that stumbles across it to the point that they click the follow button.

1. Imagery Is Sooo Important

We are all innately attracted to clean, high-quality imagery, which is why you need to make sure the photos you are posting are clinical on this front. You don’t want anything that’s messy, blurred or amateurish in any shape or form. Look at your favorite Insta-accounts and see how professional their imagery looks. Sure, they may have a photographer that handles their online brand now, but they probably just started with a selfie-stick.

2. Perfect Your Hashtagging

One of the best ways to build a tribe and a following is to develop your own hashtag; one that is solely used by you and the people that follow you. But don’t just rely on this one otherwise you won’t get found. You also need to use a variety of hashtags that are already popular and then use between 11 and 30 for each post. That’s how to maximize your engagement.

3. Improve Your Biography

It’s way too easy to think that a good Insta-account is all about beautiful imagery, but it’s not. People are interested in the bit at the top of your feed too - the bio. They want to be encouraged to press that 'follow' button by seeing some social proof and they want to know what your online “brand” is all about to see if it fits with their hopes and dreams. Of course, to boost your social proof, you need followers, and a great way to do this is to buy Instagram likes. After all, followers attract followers. As for your bio, it could be funny, it could be concise, it could be a quote or a bunch of emojis - so long as it sums you up, it will work.

4. Pick A Filter & StickIf there is one thing every popular Instagram account has in common it is a consistent filter. It’s just the easiest way to create a brand and embrace a theme. That’s what people want to see and it’s what you want them to see. You want them to be scrolling down their newsfeed and spot one of your images without having to read your name.

*This is a collaborative/contributed/partnered, compensated post. The copy, content, images & opinions are not my own.