Things I Love: Day Five (#THATFRIDAYBLOGHOP)

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Things I Love Week: Day Four

♥All 116 outfits from the movie Clueless ranked from worst to best.  I seriously just love this but man...someone had a lot of time on their hands!

I'm not saying that I wouldn't totally wear these outfits right the hell now if I could get away with it.  Because I totally would.

♥This haunted house snaps photos at the exact moment of super scary-ness and the result is wheeze-laughingly hilarious!

♥So a family in England somehow created four different trees wherein each tree has up to six different fruits, all on the same tree.  They call them Fruit Salad Trees...and I really want to get one!

♥The Beyonce "Soundboardt" had me cackling.  For real...cackling.

♥Of course ya'll know about how much I love New Orleans.  Here's a really great tour to take if you're an American Horror Story: Coven fan (like me)!

♥This lady's article about how she ate nothing but Jackie Kennedy Onassis's strict diet foods makes me smirk because of how well, strict & unappealing it was!  I will never understand why people deny themselves the enjoyment of food.

♥These Instagram photos of dudes who are just plain miserable while their wives/girlfriends are shopping is just plain hilarious.

Things I Love Week: Day Three

♥Tina Fey reminds us why it's okay to be a bitch.  Emma (Emily, apparently.) Stone sings it out for us too! 

♥This visual list of band riders is especially hilarious.  What in the world are some of these people thinking?! (No brown M&M's, dammit!)

♥Bored?  Check out this Wiki of unexplained disappearances.  Next thing you know hours will have passed (like when you're on Pinterest).

♥Some of these food hacks are really quite inventive! 

♥This article about how the blogging world has changed is very insightful but it makes me kind of sad but I loved reading it.

♥Martha Stewart's food tweets are just gross, you guys.

Things I Love Week: Day Two

♥The 8-Bit Cinema version of Anchorman really makes me want to play video games.

♥In case you're having a bad day, head to Emergency Compliment and click until you feel better.

♥In case Emergency Compliment doesn't work, try Heal Yourself, Skeletor.  I couldn't help but smile.

♥Aside from the new Cookie Dough Oreo's tasting really gross, it turns out that they are, actually, well....gross.  (I really like that someone called them out on this.)

♥NYMag's interesting take on why we have such nostalgia for teen movies.

♥Speaking of nostalgia, did you know that the impulses & feeling you have when listening to a favorite song are a result of music-evoked frisson?

Things I Love Week: Day One

I've been largely absent this month due to work and personal commitments but don't think that my blog (& the readers of it) haven't been on my mind.  For a while now, I've been collecting posts, videos, photos, etc. of things I enjoyed so that I can share them with you.  I realized yesterday that the list had grown quite long; so long, in fact, that I'm going to spread it out through this week so you can take time to visit each link, watch each video, savor each photo...basically, so as not to overwhelm but to simply entertain.  Here we go.

♥The Lip-Sync Battle between Jimmy Fallon & Paul Rudd.  Seriously, you guys, Paul Rudd can do no wrong in my eyes.  He's just fantastic.  

♥You can write your future self emails via a website called FutureMe.  If you are worried about forgetting something, or want to give your future self some advice or insight, this is a really cool way to do so.

♥I'm pretty sure that if I ever had to spend time with Shailene Woodley, my eyes would quit on me for all the eye rolling I'd be doing.

♥Apple has an App Store section for people who are obsessed with selfies (or themselves).


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