March 28, 2011

100 Facts About Me #2

I have no problem with curse words.

I cuss like a sailor.  It's a problem, I guess.  I just don't really have an issue with it.  It's just a word; like peanut, lawnmower or tadpole.  Words only have as much meaning as you want to put in them.  You can choose to be offended.  You also have the option to not care.  I mean, really...every word was invented by someone.  Someone had to have decided that 'shit' was a bad word.  That same someone could have easily decided that word meant something else. 

The loose definition of a cuss (curse) word is: 
"Words that have been deemed inappropriate and you dont normally hear in public or normal conversation."

I wonder who deemed them inappropriate... 

What if I decide that "whifflepofenk" is the most foul & offensive word in the world?  Does that make it so? 

If your answer is yes, then go whifflepofenk yourself. 

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