August 5, 2011

I have literally no idea what she's saying but she's gorgeous..and obviously funny...and fluent in Russian.  She's seriously awesome!

Love, gimme love, gimme love, I don't need it
But I'll take what I want from 
your heart and keep it
In a bag, in a box , put an X on the floor
Gimme more, gimme more, 
gimme more, shut up and sing it with me

THIS, however, makes me nauseated.  I hate you for this, Taylor Swift.

 Could you imagine this being your ACTUAL HOUSE?  The late Huguette Clark grew up here.  Holy freaking opulence Batman! ....can this be my house?  I mean, sure, it looks like a horror movie is begging to be filmed here but still....

 While we're on the (sort of) subject of superheroes.  Say hello to Henry Cavill, best known for having sex with everything on "The Tudors"...he's the new Superman.  Yes...yes, he is.

 Weezer's BLUE ALBUM done as a graph

PBR Beer Belly

It’s Tesla’s birthday so here’s a pic I drew of him high-fiving Darwin in front of an explosion of pure science.” - Burgin
If you own a cat then you know this is true.

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