September 29, 2011

What I'm obsessed with today.

I've loved the vintage look for a long time.  It's been making a comeback for a while now and there are some SERIOUSLY cute outfits out there.  Here's what I'm loving right now.

This is the Cracker Jack Girl (Sailor) Costume from AnytimeCostumes.Com
Don't you just LOVE it?

This is the "Breathless Beauty" one piece from 
Broad Minded Clothing by BabyGirlBoutique.Com
I need this swimsuit like yesterday!

There's a show on ABC that I absolutely love called Happy Endings.  One of my favorite characters on the show is a guy named Max portrayed by Adam Pally.  Adam has a website of his very own called Adam Pally Balls.  You should check it out.  Oh, and if you haven't watched the show yet, you can watch all the episodes for free on ABC online.  Trust me, it's hilarious.

You know, I try to make myself like Beyonce.  I like some of her songs, yes that's true, but Beyonce as a person...I just can't do it.  However, I do admit that her song "Get Me Bodied" is one of the songs on my "workout music" playlist for the gym.  The following video is a new version of that song that she did in partnership with the FLOTUS to get kids to become more active.  I like the song, it's I really want her shoes.

September 19, 2011

"What the f*** did I just watch?"

I love the Foo Fighters.  I love that a band so talented and famous still takes time to poke fun at themselves.  They're not douchebags, taking their music sooooooo seriously like some bands out there (I'm looking at you, Kings Of Leon) - they get that they're famous but they have fun with it, with their fans, and with themselves in general.  Dave Grohl has the most animated face, you can't help but think "This guy has GOT to be hilarious".  Here are a few of my favorite videos.

(This is the promo for their new tour.  I especially love the YouTube comment "What the fuck did I just watch?!"...)

("You don't fucking fight at my show, asshole!")

(I used to listen to this ALL the time in High School.  Thumbs up for Tenacious D being in the video.  Funny, I had NO idea who they were at the time.  I think Dave Grohl as the little girl is my favorite character.)

(If everything could ever feel this real forever...)

(Footos - The Fresh Fighter)

September 11, 2011


Blogger finally got an app! I'm pretty happy about this since I was a bum & didn't want to pay for BlogPress for my phone.

September 9, 2011


"It haunts me, all this crazy stuff.  Every day of my life has been an event.  I took lethal combinations of booze and drugs for thirty fucking years.  I survived a direct hit by a plane, suicidal overdoses, STDs.  I've been accused of attempted murder.  Then I almost died while riding over a bump on a quad bike at fucking two miles per hour."
 - Ozzy Osbourne, after he had crashed his quad bike & broken his neck

 Not stopping until my hair is this long.  Owning this dress wouldn't be too awful, either.

 I want this shirt!  I love how ballsy Keith Richards must have been to wear this shirt.

I know, right?  More happiness, less crankiness.

7 Things.

1. I love cooking.  I would love to have a fully stocked kitchen with all of the best appliances/utensils/spices one would need.

2. I have a massive creative streak with an equally large case of creative block.

3. I love sleep.  When I find "the spot" (where the pillow is perfect and the sheets hug just right), it will be like pulling teeth to get me out of bed.

4. Every time I've seen Dave Matthews in person, I've felt like I was going to pass out.

5. I love to read.  Give me a good book and a bubble bath and I am blissful.

6. I love crafting.  I spend a fair amount of time in resale shops looking for fun things to repurpose.  I appreciate making something new out of something old.

7. I am perfectly happy not having children.

8. I have a monumental shoe collection.  The higher the heel or the stranger the shoe, the more likely I am to buy it.

9. I love dancing and I am still mad at myself for quitting ballet, pointe, and tap.

10. I love making people laugh and people who make me laugh.

September 8, 2011

Oak Alley Plantation - A Haunted History

An (abridged) History

Located in Vacherie, Louisiana is Oak Alley Plantation, a home rich with history, hauntings, and beauty. The oldest oak trees on the ground of Oak Alley date back to the late 17th Century.

Classic image of the walk up to Oak Alley Plantation.

The plantation was constructed over a century later beginning in 1837, modeled after a Greek-revival style mansion. The plantation was originally given the name "Bon Sejour" by its owner Jacques Telesphore Roman III, a very wealthy sugar cane farmer, but the notorious oak lined walkway would later fetch the name "Oak Alley."

The property underwent many ownership changes throughout its history, including Jacques' son Henri. After the family lost the home during the Civil War, the subsequent owners did not keep the property up as well as they should have.

In 1925, Andrew and Josephine Stewart purchased the property and immediately saw its potential and appreciated its rich history. They began a restoration project of this massive plantation, which would prove to be the first of its kind and later start a trend in the south. It would not be until 1998 that the plantations 25 acres would open as a tourist destination and bed and breakfast.

Main dining room of the mansion at Oak Alley.

History of Despair

It is often said that ghosts or spirits linger about when they have unfinished business in their lifetime. If this is true, then Oak Alley must be a proverbial meeting place for the deceased.
  • Starting with the plantations first owner, who died in 1848 from TB alone in the home while his wife and family were taking one of their regular visits to New Orleans, the house has been full of sorrow and disappointment.
  • Louise Roman, the daughter of Jacques and Josephine, cut her leg while running away from an overzealous suitor during a party at the mansion. This cut would develop gangrene and require her to have the leg amputated. This devastated Louise. Someone of the upper-class could not have a disability of this magnitude. She became very depressed over her situation and would devote her life to serving the Lord by joining a convent. Before her death, she would move back into Oak Alley, which would be her final resting place.
  • Josephine Stewart, along with her husband Andrew, devoted her life to renovating Oak Alley and bringing it to glory once again. When she became very ill in her old age, she left all of her money as well as everything on the plantations 25 acres to the foundation that her and her husband had set up. This was to ensure that it would be properly cared for, until it could create enough revenue to run on its own.
All three of these owners, we could argue, have unfinished business on the plantation. Giving them plenty enough reason to want to hang around after their departure from this world.

National Historic Landmark sign leading up 
to the property at Oak Alley.

Ghastly Reportings

Oak Alley is not known for its haunting, unlike the nearby Myrtles Plantation, but there have been many reports by guests and staff to rationalize questions. Plantation homes, due to their rough nature, seem to be a common theme for ghost sighting and reports. Reports have come in that workers late at night often see a figure of a lady throughout the mansion.

After checking old photographs this lady is said to be either Josephine or Louise Roman. Tour guides also report seeing a figure of a man wearing a grey suit and riding boots, common apparel for Jacque Roman III, roaming the home as well as in a mirror. Another peculiar sighting was that believe to be Josephine Stewart, the last homeowner who really loved Oak Alley.

It was well known that Josephine's favorite room during her time at Oak Alley was the lavender room. This is fitting as staff have often reported seeing a woman sitting on the edge of the bed in this room. After being asked to identify the woman, the description fit Mrs. Stewart perfectly. Whether these apparitions are in fact the former inhabitants of this home will probably never be certain, but it is curious that the descriptions fit their profiles.

The plantation has also been investigated by numerous popular and well respected paranormal investigation teams. Including the Sci-Fi network's Ghost Hunters, and Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures teams. TAPS revealed that they believe the property to be haunted with "neat little activity". This was certainly not their most activity ridden investigation, but it did give a fundamental history and tour of the home.

Most of the reported "activity" has come from staff members of the plantation claiming to have been touched or feel an eerie presence around them while working night shifts. Whether this is simply a marketing device by the business or a legitimate playground for the paranormal, the property is absolutely spectacular.

Side view of the porch.
Source: Oak Alley Plantation

Oak Alley now functions as a bed and breakfast with hourly tours. It also serves as an extremely popular location for weddings due to the oak lined alley in front of the home creating a perfect backdrop.

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