November 23, 2011

Spike The Punch on Etsy

Welcome to my new obsession.

I can't remember how exactly I stumbled upon these amazing necklaces, but I am in deep with how much I love them.

I ordered the purple with neon yellow and then the neon green & pink necklaces.

Here are pictures of my precious(es) - and yes that was supposed to be read in a Gollum type voice for added creepiness:

Are you gasping in sheer wonder & amazement right now?  You should be.  Each necklace is made of bunches of crystals, plus they're hand crafted AND hand painted.  They measure at 22 inches w/ a lobster clasp.  The retail from $36 to $40 per necklace.  Not too bad for a piece that is sure to make your friends "jelis".  Yeah, I said that. 

How cute is the packaging?!

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