June 13, 2012

Coming Soon: The Daman Chronicles

Have you ever thought about that the life of a costume designer must be like?  I can only imagine the incredible fashion that those eyes come across on a daily basis!  I know I'd be swooning all over the place if I was surrounded by the most beautiful things that the fashion world has to offer.  

Eric Daman, costume designer for “Gossip Girl” and the much-anticipated “Carrie Diaries,” has teamed up with Swarovski and Cambio for “The Daman Chronicles", which is a reality web series that follows Eric as he gallivants around New York City prepping for a shoot, researching for upcoming television seasons and meeting with his influential fashionista friends.

The web series will be exclusively distributed on Cambio this summer with the first episode premiering June 19 following a live-streamed kickoff event at Swarovski’s Lincoln Road boutique in Miami.  

Leading up to “The Daman Chronicles” premiere, Swarovski and Cambio are inviting fashion fans to tap into their own costume design abilities through participating in the Dress As Your Favorite “Gossip Girl” contest.  Simply upload photos of yourself dressed as your favorite “Gossip Girl” character(s) to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #swarovskistyle

Eric Daman will scour through the entries, looking for what he believes is the best interpretation of a character’s overall look.  The lucky winner will snag a Rocket Necklace from Swarovski’s summer jewelry collection and Seasons 1-4 of “Gossip Girl” on DVD, making the grand prize more than a $550 value! 

Check out "The Daman Chronicles" trailer below:

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