July 13, 2012

Chick-Lit Designs

Specializing in Book Purses, Book Clutches and E-Reader/Tablet covers, Chick-Lit Designs is an Etsy seller with a unique item on their hands!

By taking an old book and make it into a new awesome creation, you end up with a stylish conversation piece.  If the book is big enough, the handbags will include a pocket large enough to store your kindle or ereader!  Chick-Lit Designs is a great way to mix old with the new.

What happens to the pages?  Well, since the books are still fully in-tact and readable Chick-Lit Designs donates them to a local refugee center so children from different countries coming to the US can learn how to read.

They also offer to re-bind the pages with the matching fabric so the buyer has the option of keeping the original pages or giving it as a gift set. (See Example)

Below are some examples of their work:




*I have been in no way compensated, by money/product or otherwise, 
for this post.  I just thought they had a neat product!

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