July 10, 2012


inspired by focusedlinz to write a "currents" list because my mind is a complete jumble of thoughts and randoms today...

reading Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.  Keller & I went to see it opening weekend and while yeah, I was entertained, I admit that I had not yet read the book.  He that the sheer number of things left out of the movie was good enough reason to read the book.  They say the book is always better than the movie...

writing all the scheduled blog posts in my planner for both blogs.  I've been on a blogging kick lately, and decided to schedule them instead of post like a mad woman.  I use my Vera Bradley planner for everything...

listening to the sound of my computer humming.  I've been on a Smashing Pumpkins, Reel Big Fish, No Doubt, Outkast loop lately, when I'm not at work.

thinking about how I seriously need some lunch.  I'm waiting on Keller to text me back to make lunch plans. 

smelling the baby carrots in the bag next to me.  They're the perfect snacking food.

wishing that I could see some old friends that I dearly miss.

hoping that this week goes by quickly and efficiently. I am so ready for the weekend already.  I don't have any plans, and I think that's awesome. 

wearing only one piece of jewelry today.  It's the aquamarine ring my mom got me for my birthday.  I rarely take it off.

loving everything from these online shops: Urban Outfitters, Oasap, Madewell & ASOS.  I also can't get enough of the #ERMAHGERD meme.  (see here & here) My boyfriend has been showing me these for over a month and I'm not sick of it yet...

wanting a money tree so that I can buy all the little pretty pieces I want from the places listed above...(agreed with focusedlinz)

needing to feel my feet in the sand, the sun on my face & my body in the water.  I really need to go to the beach.

feeling inspired by the blogs Glitter She Wrote, Sweet Peach Blog & Penny Pincher Fashion.

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