July 19, 2012


reading a discovery of witches, at least I'm trying to.  I can't seem to get into it.  I need a new book.  Something that I don't want to put down.
writing nothing, really.  I just got my computer back after a LONG hiatus, so I've been typing, mostly;)
listening to No Doubt's new single, "Settle Down".  I am beyond thrilled that they're back!
thinking about all the work I need to do to my Etsy.  It's a hot mess.
smelling the Herb d'Orleans Zombee Candle I've got burning in the office.
wishing that I had more energy today, and that I wasn't so cranky.
hoping this week goes well.  I'm so worn out.
wearing office clothes.  Black dress, gold Jewelmint jewelry, black ballet flats.  Bo-ring.
loving the fact that I have my computer back.  Oh, I missed you sweet desktop!  I hadn't yet updated my iPhone to ios5 so I was way behind.
wanting to go to sleep. I slept literally all Saturday, all night Saturday and half of Sunday...and I still want a nap.
needing a boost of energy.
feeling uninspired.  I have so many ideas of things to make for the shop, but I just can't make myself DO anything.  What is wrong with me?!
clicking my favorite blogs and reading what they've been up to.  It always makes me feel better.

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