August 29, 2012


reading the empty glass (by j.i. baker)... it's been pretty good so far.  last night i got into it so much that the next thing i know, it's 11 p.m.!  does that ever happen to you?  i do have to say, though, that the book jumps around a tad so it might annoy some people.
writing this blog post, duh!
listening to the complete silence in the office, other than the tap-tap-tap of my keys and the barely audible hum of the computer.
thinking that i really hate politics. and that it's total crap that gas prices are about to go up simply because there is a hurricane. (I left this one alone.  Sidda Thornton got this one 100% right.)
smelling my blazin' rouge zombee candle.
wishing for relief from this (going on 4 days now) headache.
hoping that hurricane isaac leaves my family's & friends' houses alone - in fact, that he will leave everyone & everything alone. (again, i agree with sidda thornton.)
wearing this super cute necklace i got from b chic boutique, brown pants & a sailor striped navy/white shirt. 
loving my 3 day weekend coming up.  oh hecks yeah!
wanting to take a nap.  i think this is usually my answer to this question.
needing to go grocery shopping, take clothes to the dry cleaners & check in on my brother.
feeling cranky due to the aforementioned headache.
clicking sidda thornton, so that you ladies who read this can know where "currently" came to be.
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  1. ooh, i really like this post idea! i will have to try it out :)

    and omg, re: the reading one- i do that all the time! and then wonder why i'm so tired in the morning... ;)

    found your blog through the wonderful wednesday linkup and am now following :)


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