September 20, 2012

It's OK Thursday

So, yay, it's Thursday.  It's not Friday yet, but at least we've got the most of the work week behind us so...I can be OK with that.  Welcome to It's Ok Thursdays...
Its Ok Thursdays

To be overwhelmed with life...

To say "no, thank you" to an ex-friend who might be wanting a second chance (but who you really suspect just wants to be a creeper...)

To sing in the car.  It's even more okay to sing to the people staring at you in their cars while you're singing in yours.

That I waited for freaking ever for my iOS to update last night and I can't even tell what differences there are.  Are there any?

That my Pitch Perfect isn't out in theaters yet.  Although I am starting to get a little anxious because I want to see it so bad.

That I spent 4 hours cleaning MY ROOM last night and it still isn't done.

To want to be best friends with Rebel Wilson.  She's amazing.

That I'm having a fabulous birthday dinner for one of my besties tomorrow night.  It's at a Brazilian steakhouse & we lovingly refer to it as the "Swords Of Meat" restaurant.  (You have to say it in an epic knight-like voice to understand the awesomeness.)


  1. It's definitely ok to sing in the car!! :) have a great weekend!

  2. hey...the room is clean! that's some deep four hour cleaning!!

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