October 26, 2012


1.- My Love Club box could not have been cooler this month.  It was just the little cute pick-me-up that I needed this week.
2.- I've been eating key limes like crazy lately.  Don't ask me why.
3.- This pretty little thing is just one of the tons of new things I added to the shop this week!
4.- Dear Netflix, your packaging rocks.  Sincerely, Me.
5.- Kait!  How awesome you are.  She's featuring the bracelets I made her on her blog today.

Forget It Friday

I want to forget that I'm sick.  I'm so tired of coughing!

I want to forget that Halloween is next week and yet I've eaten through about half the candy bowl.

I want to remind Mother Nature, because I think she FORGOT that it's October, that hurricanes are a no-no this time of year.

I want to FORGET that I'm starting Insanity on Monday.  Actually, I don't want to forget...I want to do it, but I want to FORGET that I know it's going to hurt.

I DON'T want to FORGET that I'll be cheering on my team tomorrow, then going to the Zoo.  A fun day indeed!

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October 25, 2012

It's OK Thursday

It's OK that my stomach is growling.  I'm not hungry...so what's up with that?

It's OK that my roommates are totally lazy.  Doing dishes is fun! (Yeah, keep telling yourself that.)

It's OK that I am ready for the election to be over so that people will stop arguing over it.

It's OK that my boyfriend is working less hours so that he can focus on school more.  It sucks that we're losing that money, though.

It's OK that I've been waking up on my own at 6:30 every morning for the past week, even though my alarm doesn't go off until 8:00.

It's OK that you can't eat cupcakes & candy to be skinny.  Wait, no it's not.

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October 24, 2012

{Sponsor Spotlight} Beautiful Cov

This is Danielle.  She is awesome.

No, seriously.  Danielle is the mastermind behind Life Of An "Ordinary Housewife".

She's a super sweet lady that writes about life and love...and everything in between.  I really like her blog because she's a "real" woman - she writes about whatever she wants to and she speaks her mind.

You should get to know Danielle.

Danielle is one of my incredible sponsors this month!  She's graciously decided to give one lucky winner their choice of item from her shop plus a large ad space on her blog!

(These are just a few of the gorgeous designs at Beautiful Cov.)

Her giveaway will be a part of the Hoppin' Halloween Giveaway Event.  The giveaway hop runs from October 25th through October 31st.  Make sure to come go here to enter to win.  In the meantime, why not show Danielle some love?

The Best Thing I Ever Ate #582

So I'm browsing through Wal-Mart in the "aisle that shall not be named" (aka the frozen dessert aisle) and so far I'm unimpressed.  Since Popsicle took my favorite frozen treat away - the Jello Pudding Pop - I've been lacking in the OMG dessert department.

Now, I could eat Jello Pudding Pops all day long and not get sick of them.  I'm not kidding, I had at least 2 boxes in my freezer at all times...until they mysteriously disappeared off the shelves (jerks!).  Oh geez, I got sidetracked.  Anyway, I'm browsing, not seeing anything remotely crave-worthy, so I decide to stop at the Ben & Jerry's section.

Ben & Jerry's doesn't usually disappoint.  I think it's safe to say that they're the most creative out of all ice cream producers.  I mean chocolate covered potato chips in ice cream?  Cannoli flavored ice cream?  Smores ice cream? Sugar Plum ice cream?  Peanut Butter & Jelly ice cream?  Those kind of flavors are a risk to make, and Ben & Jerry's is the only one that I know who'll make them.

So here I am at the Ben & Jerry's section.  I'm wanting something new, and not chocolatey (what's wrong with me?!).  I'm just about to walk away and then....I see it.  Banana Cream Pie.

I don't know what drew me to it.  I don't even like bananas!  True, I do like banana flavored things, like banana popsicles or banana pudding - just not actual bananas.  (I'm weird, I know.)

It's incredible, you guys.  It's got a sweet banana base and crammed to the brim with pastry swirls, marshmallow chunks & this glorious chewy, salty pie crust.  I don't know how they got the pie crust in there without it being soggy, but they did.   The marshmallow swirl evokes kind of a banana split feel while the pastry swirl & pie crust remind me of a cream puff.  It's just so good!

What sucks, though, is that it's "limited batch".  That means it will only be here for a short time.  It's also only available at Wal-Mart.  I may or may not have 2+ pints of it hidden in my freezer at this very moment....

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October 22, 2012

50% Off Holiday Cards @ Paper Coterie!

My Dear Friends,

Starting today, all Holiday Cards are 50% off at Paper Coterie when you use code HOLIDAYCARDS2012!  This is an excellent deal!  These cards are full color, completely customizable and come in over 40 different shapes & designs!  Below are just a few examples of what you could make:

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October 19, 2012



1. Thank you, Vampire Diaries, for making me look forward to Thursday again.  (Side Note - Team Damon!)
2. I have no idea where this watercolor painting came from but I love it so much.
3. I'm giving away this fabulous necklace!  Isn't it gorgeous?!
4. I've got bronchitis and this picture sums up my feelings this week perfectly.
5. Thank the Sonic gods for my Cranberry Limeades.  They're my new favorite (non-alcoholic) drink.

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Friday Letters

Dear Monday, I know I give you a hard time, and that you get a bad rap from people....and it's not your fault.  That being said, you kind of suck.

Dear Current Stress/Anger/Anxiety Level, Please calm down. Don’t let this get to you so much.

Dear iOS 6, I dig you.. well, maybe not a whole lot. I don't really see any difference in my phone, other than my Instagram doesn't want to load half the time. But...I guess you're alright.

Dear Twitter Followers, Look forward to some shop coupon codes soon! (Follow me @officialfitf)

Forget It Friday!

I want to FORGET that horrible awful number on the scale this week! I was doing so well...and then, I wasn't.
I want to FORGET that I have bronchitis.  Actually, I'm sure everyone does - they're probably tired of my super loud coughing.

I want to FORGET that there are so...many...dishes to wash and so...many...loads of laundry to do.

I want to FORGET that this year is flying by.  I can't believe it's almost November.
I want to FORGET that I'm stressed, tired & just plain worn out.

I want to REMEMBER to enjoy life more.

October 18, 2012

Day 3: Let's Go To The Movies

3The Holiday.  I went through this phase where I watched this movie all.the.time.  I love Kate Winslet.  I love Jack Black.  And sometimes I love Jude Law & like Cameron Diaz (more Jude than Cameron, though....he can be quite sexy when he wants to be. Plus...the accent.  Bonus Points x Infinity)
2Hocus Pocus.  I know you guys must be thinking "Seriously?" but what can I say...I have loved this movie since the first time I watched it.  Still funny.  Still quotable. 
1The Muppets.  You try & tell me that the combo of Muppets + Jason Segel + Musical isn't awesome and I will tell you you're nuts.  Jason Segel is a teddy bear of a man, musicals are awesome and the Muppets are everlasting. 

October 17, 2012

mycharity: water

I first learned about mycharity: water from Julie at Joy's Hope.  The passion Julie has for this project was and continues to be astounding.  (P.S. - Julie is one of the raddest chicks in all the land - you should follow her if you don't already)  Clean water is so very important and when you read about how many of us there are out there without it, it makes you want to spring into action.  At the time, I couldn't afford a large donation, but you know what they say - every little bit helps...   


Today I found out that the campaign I donated to, No Haircut No Shave for Water, had their money sent to Ethiopia.  I also learned that it takes at least 18 months for a project to be constructed & reported on.  During this time, the partners bought supplies, the communities contributed their own labor and formed Water Committees to maintain these projects for years to come. 
This is the finished result:
  See Your Projects  

# Gereb Mktal Gala Village
257 people served

Start a fundraising campaign of your own!
Join the mycharity: water community and start a fundraising campaign.   They track every donation you get and show you proof.  100% of every dollar directly funds water projects costs in the field. Get started now »

Get updates.
mycharity: water will send out stories from the field and updates from their office about once a month.
Sign up to receive our emails here »

October 16, 2012

Me, Myself & I: October

1. What is your favorite season and why?
I'm just going to go ahead and make up a word.  Let's call it FaRing...or Sprall?  Auting?  Sputumn?  No, that last one sounds gnarly.  I can't decide if I like Fall/Autumn or Spring better.  Spring is great because you have all the new growth and the emergence of happy colors but Fall/Autumn is lovely because of the cooler temperatures and the anticipation of Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas.

2. Talk about a moment that changed your life.
When my best friend died.  My best friend was killed in 2005 while driving to work.  She was 22.  I remember waking up early that morning, something I never did - and My Chemical Romance's "Helena" was on the TV.  I remember thinking what a macabre thing it was to wake up to.  I got up, went to work like normal.  I had my phone on silent and didn't feel the bajillion calls that were happening while it was in my pocket.  I finally checked it and saw all the messages.  I had tons from my boyfriend and my other best friend.  I called my boyfriend and he said "Kara was in a wreck" and I said "Oh my god, what hospital is she in, is she okay?" and he said "I'm so sorry...." and I threw my phone across the room and fell to the floor.  I didn't find out until later that the time I woke up early was right around the time she was killed.  I always thought that was such a strange coincidence.  Since that day, I've been a lot more closed off and a lot more guarded.

3. If you could be any Crayola Crayon color, what color would you be?
I've always liked Cerulean.  Funny story - my whole life I pronounced it cru-lean because I didn't bother to really read it.  Sad, I know.  But cer-u-lee-an it is!

4. Describe yourself as a superhero. Name? Sidekick?

Hmmm...I'd definitely want to have a BS radar.  Know when people were lying or being shady.  I'd like to be able to have a power that could benefit the world somehow.  Make people's lives better.

5. If you had all the money in the world, but could only shop at 3 stores, which ones would they be?
Oh geez....I don't shop enough anymore to know but if I had all the money I wanted to shop with...probably somewhere awesome like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales....scratch that.  I just want the stylists from Gossip Girl to be my stylists. 

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October Birchbox

I have mixed feelings about Birchbox this month.  It could be because I opted out of the Goop Box but ended up getting sent one anyway.  Or it could be because my 'lifestyle extra' (which is usually the awesome bonus item) was a Luna Bar.  That bummed me out.  Not because I don't like Luna Bars, because I do (the Lemon Zest is pretty darn good, actually) but it's just that I felt kind of gypped because I can buy Luna Bars for $1 at Wal-Mart.  It didn't seem new or unique enough to be the 'lifestyle extra'.

I guess I've been spoiled by the other awesome Birchboxes of the past.

My box contained:

Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss, 1 oz. - $33
We have it on good authority that Angelina Jolie is a big fan of these luxe glosses. While our lips may never be quite as full and luscious as her, we can report that Chantecaille’s glosses are absolutely star-worthy. The non-sticky jelly formula stays put for hours and delivers a subtle plumping effect. Plus, the silver-tipped wand will look oh-so-chic in your handbag.
FINAL THOUGHT: I don't really feel the plumping factor but the color is nice.  The sample size is very small, I'd say based on the product price that the sample is worth $4-5.

DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer Moisturizing Serum, 1.7 oz. - $85
This genre-bending serum uses a patented dual-phase technology to give skin double the benefits. It gives you instant gratification by hydrating skin and shrinking pores. At the same time, the peptide-packed formula exfoliates and repairs skin cells for lasting anti-aging benefits. Plus, the double helix style tube is pretty nifty.  
FINAL THOUGHT:  I actually like this.  The sample size is fairly standard.  It's a good, multi-use sample size.  My pores are visibly smaller.  I'd guess, based on the product price that this sample is worth $10.

Luna Bar in Lemon Zest, 15 bars - $18.75 
Most people may call themselves omnivores, but we identify as snackavores. Lately, we’ve been stockpiling LUNA’s healthy bars, which fulfill our sweet cravings and keep us full until our next meal. Each has just under 200 calories and is full of the nutrients your body needs, including calcium, folic acid, iron and vitamin D. Chocolate Peppermint Stick is a decadent blend of dark chocolate and candy cane peppermint, while Peanut Butter Cookie is full of creamy, crunchy peanut goodness.
FINAL THOUGHT:  I really like the Lemon Zest bar.  Actually, I liked it so much I went out and bought a box of 5 at Wal-Mart for $5.  Sorry, Birchbox, your price is too high for this product.  Save yourself some money, readers, and get yours elsewhere.  (P.S. - the Peanut Butter Chocolate is awesome, too!)  Based on in-store comparison, these bars are valued at $1/ea.

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 Face, $48 (No Size Listed)
We recently mastered the art of showering, shaving, and brushing our teeth at the same time. Is it any wonder that this multitasker caught our time-crunched attention? The tinted SPF 20 skin perfector performs no fewer than five functions: it moisturizes skin, creates a seamless canvas for makeup, minimize pores and fine lines, zaps excess oil, and shields skin from solar rays. Needless to say, it gets us out the door in record time.  
FINAL THOUGHT:  The sample size was very tiny.  It was in foils, which are a single use sample.  The card came with two.  I didn't really see any difference than that of a normal foundation and based on the website not having a size or uses per bottle listing, I cannot pinpoint the price value.

Orifluido Elixer, 3.4 oz. - $29.99
When it comes to evaluating new hair care products, we look for the three S’s: soft, shiny, strong. This fragrant serum delivers all three, making it one of our new favorites. Incidentally, since we’re also suckers for that other big S, scent, we can’t get enough of the amber and vanilla notes that drift up every time we flip our hair.
FINAL THOUGHT:  The scent is lovely.  I appreciate any product that makes my hair softer, smoother & knocks out the frizz.  The product sample was well designed.  The estimated .25 oz sample is in a small glass container.  I got two uses out of this sample and at around $4 per 1/2 oz., this sample is worth about $2.

I thought about it for a while.  I did some math and based on the full size product price of each of my items, my box is well over $10 in value.  Based on that fact, I can't be upset at what I got - even if all of the products I received weren't to my exact liking, I still got my money's worth and then some!

Day 4: Reading Rainbowwwwww....

4Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman.  Nothing like the movie, but still completely enchanting.

3The Girl Who Chased The Moon by Sarah Addison Allen.  I love the way Sarah Addison Allen writes.  She's got three other book that are equally spellbinding and magical.

2Harry Potter (all of them) by J.K. Rowling.  I've never seen a set of books bridge such a wide age gap before.  These set of books remind us of the joy and adventure of being a child.

1Sideways Stories From Wayside School by Louis Sachar.  I found this book in 1st grade and it was the first book I remember collecting.  It set off a lifelong love of reading.

7 Reasons Why I Suck This Week

1.  I am dog tired.  Also, I wonder where the phrase 'dog tired' originated from and what it's original meaning is....but I digress.  I haven't been sleeping, plain & simple.

2.  I'm sick.  So sick.  Like the barely have a voice, coughing, head & body aches, just want to sleep kind of sick.  And it sucks!

3.  I am too tired to even shop.  Yes, you heard me.  This statement, if nothing else, should signify how exhausted I really am.

4.  My house is a never-ending mess.  I kid you not, folks.  I could clean and clean and clean - then wake up the next morning and it's dirty again.  No, I don't have kids...just two dude roommates and 3 pets.

5.  Headaches.  Never ending headaches.  All week.

6.  I've gained 30 pounds.  No, not in this past week, but in the past two months - and that is a sad fact within itself.

7.  I.Can't.Stop.Eating.  Seriously, I have food-in-mouth disease.  I see food, I eat food.  It's a vicious cycle!

(BTW, this list was inspired by the great Lala Lists.  Hopefully, next week will be less suckish!  Feel free to leave inspirational whatnots in my messages below.  I'd seriously appreciate it!)

October 15, 2012

Day 5: Get In Mah Belleh!

5Macarons.  My absolute favorite cookie.  Hands Down.  The end.
4Cupcakes.  I have a mad addiction to cupcakes.  It's like a have a radar for bakeries & I'm not even joking.
3Red Mango or Pinkberry.  I don't care if I'm sick as a dog, if you bring me fro-yo from one of these places, I will scarf it down.  No matter what.
2A phenomenally good cheeseburger.  There are mediocre burgers and then there are phenomenal burgers.  A phenomenal cheeseburger rights the wrongs in the world.
1Mochi.  I love the stuff.  The light fluffiness, the sweet texture...it's such a good snack!

October 13, 2012

Day 6: Whisk Me Away...

6Hogwarts. And I'm not talking about  the Harry-Potter-World Hogwarts. I'm talking the real, 100% genuine Hogwarts.
5New Orleans.  It's my favorite place ever (so far).  I love the sights, sounds, color, architecture, history, food...
4Paris.  I want to go to Laduree & eat macarons until I can't move.
3Hawaii. Because... well, duh. It's Hawaii.
2Disneyland or Disney World.  I don't know which one is better because I have sadly been to neither.  Sad Panda.
1England.  I want to do a Henry VIII kind of tour.  See Hever Castle, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, etc.  All of the places that were important pieces of history from that time.

October 12, 2012

Day 7: I Want It That Way

7To live in a big awesome house in the Garden District of New Orleans.  That is my dream.
6Energy.  I'm always so tired.  I need energy to do the things I need to get done.
5Motivation.  To work out, to create, to clean...just motivation in general.
4Customers.  My Etsy store is open for business...now I just need some business!
3A Maid.  I think I'd be a lot happier if my house was spotless when I came home.  No laundry, dusting, cleaning up, dishes, etc. to be done...
2Red Mango.  (or Pinkberry).  Seriously folks, I could live there.  I love it that much.
1I really can't think of anything else right now.  Isn't that weird?

Friday Letters

Dear Readers, Did you know that I absolutely hate to sweep?  Yep, hate it!

Dear Cleaning, Just when I think I'm done with you, you pull me right back in!

Dear Followers,  You guys are great.  Seriously.  I am so thankful for you all.

Dear Razorbacks, You better win on the 27th.  I'm just sayin'.

Dear Days Off, Why do you make time go by so fast?

Dear My Dog, I think that you constantly step in front of me on purpose.  I think you secretly want me to fall.  I'm on to your scheme....

Dear Vampire Diaries, Hurry up & get back on TV!  I'm going through withdrawals!


October 11, 2012

Day 8: Whoooo's There?

8Ferris Wheels.  I know it's silly, but I'm just not a fan.  The one time I got brave enough to ride one, as we got closer to the front of the line, we noticed that they had a car draped with an 'In Memoriam" sign on it.  That was enough for me to get out of line.
7Snakes.  I can't even go in the reptile room at the Zoo.  No, thank you.
6Change.  I have a hard time with change, always have.  I'm sure there's some deep, psychological reason why. (isn't there for everything?)
5Financial Uncertainty.  I'm sure we all feel that way, though.
4Bugs. Spiders & Roaches specifically. 
3Walking in the dark alone.  I get myself unnecessarily worked up.
2Seeing someone die.  I've had to deal with a lot of death in my time, but I've never actually seen it happen, nor do I want to.
1Being alone.  I'm a fairly independent person but I do need people in my life for various reasons.  Good people make you who you are. 
 (I found this 10 Day Challenge at What's In A Name? 
who found it at The Song that Summer Sings.)

October 10, 2012

Day 9: Love Love Love Ya.

9Lemons.  I've been eating lemons since as far back as I can remember.  They're my favorite snack.
8Serendipity.  She's my fuzzy little black cat.  I've had her since I've moved here and I can honestly say that when I'm having a bad day, her little meow makes it all better.

7Beauford.  He's my Maine Coon cat.  He's the most affectionate, loves people cat you will ever meet. 
6Red Mango & Pinkberry.  Best yogurts ever.  Period.
5Nail polish.  Even though I rarely paint my nails, I collect the stuff like it's going out of style.
4Halloween.  My favorite holiday ever.  I love the colors, the decorations, the costumes, the candy, the spookiness....it's the best.
3Buddy.  My Jack Russell terrier.  He's like my shadow.  If I'm home, he follows me everywhere.  I literally cannot move without him going with me.  He's my little protector.

2Words.  I like words that are fun to say.  Facetious.  Philately.  Ambidextrous.  Superlative.  Fissure.  (I know I'm weird.)
1Jewelry.  I love to make it.  I make bracelets, earrings & necklaces of all shapes, sizes & designs.  My shop is here if you want to have a look.

Oh How Pinteresting

October 9, 2012

Day 10: Secrets Are For Friends

10Sometimes I think it would be cool to have a soundtrack to your life. Like in the movies, when something cool happens and the music swells or when you're feeling bad, there's a melancholy tune that plays.
9It hurts to be tickled.  No, I'm not joking and I'm not just saying this to get people to stop tickling me.  Apparently I'm 'cute' when tickled because I have a special 'tickle laugh', but don't be fooled - I am in so much pain.
8Boyfriend and I have been together almost 8 years and we are still not married.  And I like it that way.
7I have a very wrong sense of humor.  I like dirty jokes and have been known to find it hilarious when old people and kids cuss.  I know that's wrong, but didn't I just tell you that was how my sense of humor was?

6I think James McAvoy is adorable.  That accent kills me.  Well, pretty much all accents kill me.  I'm a sucker for accents....
5I still love kiddie cereal.  My house is usually stocked with Count Chocula, Cap'n Crunch, Golden Grahams & Apple Jacks.
4I love babysitting.  I love other people's kids.  I'm just not sure I could handle having my own, though.

3I still have NO idea what my 'dream' is for my life.  I've never had that one thing that's like "Yes!  This is what I want to do!".  
2I played a lightbulb AND a Alvin The Chipmunk in my 6th grade school play.  I don't even remember what it was about.
1I struggle with time management.  I wish there were more hours in the day, or that I needed less sleep, or heck - that I was more motivated. 
 (I found this 10 Day Challenge at What's In A Name? 
who found it at The Song that Summer Sings.)

October 5, 2012

Ooooh, A Giveaway!

Hey Ladies & Gents-

I just wanted to take a second and tell you about the giveaway I'm having on my other blog!  I'm part of the Fall Fashionista Giveaway, and right now, before the giveaway even starts, we're giving away a $500 Gift Card to Mountain Khaki's!  Just click the icon below to head to the giveaway!

Friday Letters

Dear Readers, Did you know that I absolutely love eating lemons?  They're not even sour to me.

Dear Cleaning, Sometimes I really love doing you.. (chuckling because I’m so immature).  Other times I realize I’m spending far too much try trying to hide the clutter instead of actually getting rid of it.

Dear Followers, Thank you!  You all are awesome!  I'm so humbled that people actually want to read my ramblings!

Dear Razorbacks, You better win on the 27th.  I'm just sayin'.

Dear USPS, It really bugs me that my packages arrive beat all to hades sometimes.

Dear Birthday, I know you’re not until March, but I am seriously hoping that someone actually throws me a birthday party this year.

Dear Tookies, How did I live without your delicious treats?!

Dear Once Upon A Time, I'm so glad that you're back, I missed you so much! 

October 3, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting...

Today's Oh How Pinteresting is inspired by my love of outdoor home decor & spaces.  I hope you find some things you want to pin, too!