October 16, 2012

7 Reasons Why I Suck This Week

1.  I am dog tired.  Also, I wonder where the phrase 'dog tired' originated from and what it's original meaning is....but I digress.  I haven't been sleeping, plain & simple.

2.  I'm sick.  So sick.  Like the barely have a voice, coughing, head & body aches, just want to sleep kind of sick.  And it sucks!

3.  I am too tired to even shop.  Yes, you heard me.  This statement, if nothing else, should signify how exhausted I really am.

4.  My house is a never-ending mess.  I kid you not, folks.  I could clean and clean and clean - then wake up the next morning and it's dirty again.  No, I don't have kids...just two dude roommates and 3 pets.

5.  Headaches.  Never ending headaches.  All week.

6.  I've gained 30 pounds.  No, not in this past week, but in the past two months - and that is a sad fact within itself.

7.  I.Can't.Stop.Eating.  Seriously, I have food-in-mouth disease.  I see food, I eat food.  It's a vicious cycle!

(BTW, this list was inspired by the great Lala Lists.  Hopefully, next week will be less suckish!  Feel free to leave inspirational whatnots in my messages below.  I'd seriously appreciate it!)


  1. I feel your pain, the only thing I don't have is the loss of voice and coughing.

    Dog tired? My dogs have it better than me in this house, I have one thats almost 10 which would make him 70, not sure if thats dog years or visa versa but even when I ask him to do something, he just looks at me and walks away, he must know he's 22 senior of my age or he just doesn't give a rats arse about me...

    Oh and yes I have kids...one who still lives home but is too young to be on her own and the kind who doesn't pick up after herself. Need I say more about the suckish kind of week I'm having...LOL

  2. Lisa,

    I hope you feel better soon! You sound like you're having just as great a week as I am!


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