October 2, 2012


reading nothing.  I *think* I'm about to start the new Philippa Gregory book, though.
writing new thank you notes to the two ladies I sent bracelets to. 
listening the sounds of cars outside my office.
thinking that I really need some Advil.
smelling "focus" by 21drops.  (It's aromatherapy oil)
wishing I wasn't so worn out:(
hoping for stress-free days.
wearing jeans, ballet flats & a white/gray striped boatneck henley.
loving the fact that I get off work in less than 2 hours.
wanting to take a nap.
needing a stress free, fun girls day.
feeling sleepy. (I see a pattern here)
clicking through junk mail.  Man, there's a lot of junk mail!
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