October 15, 2012

Day 5: Get In Mah Belleh!

5Macarons.  My absolute favorite cookie.  Hands Down.  The end.
4Cupcakes.  I have a mad addiction to cupcakes.  It's like a have a radar for bakeries & I'm not even joking.
3Red Mango or Pinkberry.  I don't care if I'm sick as a dog, if you bring me fro-yo from one of these places, I will scarf it down.  No matter what.
2A phenomenally good cheeseburger.  There are mediocre burgers and then there are phenomenal burgers.  A phenomenal cheeseburger rights the wrongs in the world.
1Mochi.  I love the stuff.  The light fluffiness, the sweet texture...it's such a good snack!