October 1, 2012

How Rude.

Sometimes people get me down.  I know that there are a bajillion people in the world and not all of them are good people.  I know this.  And yet, I'm still shocked when something bad happens due to human meanness that directly involves me. 

Case in point:  I set a set of bracelets to the incredibly sweet Kait because she won a contest my shop was featured in.  I made this set of bracelets especially for her.  They were not listed in my shop and no one else in the world would have this set --- they were made just.for.her.

And someone stole them.

She got her package today, which by the way, I spend a good amount of time putting together.  I tied the bracelets together with a cute little bow and put them into my chevron bags & decorated the bags with Halloween stickers.  I hand-wrote her a 'thank you' card & put all of these items into a pretty neon envelope and got to use my new Paper Pasteries address stamp for the first time...and someone stole them.

Poor Kait.  All she got was a ripped open envelope with a black ribbon and a few gold links in it.  Seriously.  This is where I get mad at USPS.  Why in the world would you give that to someone with no explanation?  Did no one think "oh, this doesn't look right?" --- Furthermore, my address was clearly written on that envelope, but did I get a notice that my package had been torn into?  No, I did not. 

So...to you who stole Kait's prize - shame on you.  A lot of time, effort and money went into making that for her.  What you did was mean and hateful and I can only hope that you get shown the kindness in your life that you robbed of Kait & myself.  Maybe that will make you a better person. 


  1. YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! THEY are mean people and karma is a you know what!! You are just the sweetest girl, and I am sure the package was beautiful!

  2. I would report it to the post office, but you can't be sure that someone wasn't checking neighborhood mailboxes for stuff either. I can't get over how many thieves there are. I also saw on TV where some postal workers were stealing cash out of birthday cards. So sad.


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