November 19, 2012

Let It Go

I recently saw this post on one of my favorite blogs and found myself nodding the entire time while reading through it.  Let It Go.  Seems pretty simple, doesn't it?  
I guess it theory.  
I know all too well that sometimes it's just easier for us to hold on to those things that have hurt us in the past or made us angry rather than choose to forgive and move on. 
Being the admittedly overly-sensitive person that I am, I find this particular movement to be an issue at times.  I know I have a hard time with change.  I know I have a hard time 'moving on'.  I wish I was better with both of these things.
For instance, I received a horrible message from an ungrateful Etsy customer last week.  No matter what I said to her, how I tried to make amends (even though the fault was not mine), she would not have it.  This has hurt and haunted me all week.  Then I realized....she just wants to be mad.  She needs to feel like she 'won'.   She needed to tear someone down.  So....I'm trying to Let. It. Go.
Some things I've held on to for years.  There's so much pain in my heart.  I know it's dragging me down.  How does one forgive and forget?  There are so many things in life that I wish I could change, have a "do over" on, etc.  How do you get past that?    

To quote K from Eat Yourself Skinny (my inspiration for this post, btw) - "Maybe it won't solve the initial problem you started with and perhaps it won't bring old friendships back together, but chances are you're probably better off anyway and you can move on to more exciting things."
So...I guess this is an open letter.  
If I've ever hurt you, I'm truly sorry.  I know that there are people who might not like me for something I've said or done to them in the past.  They may hold grudges.  I know that there are people I have grudges against, feel a resentment toward.  I might be hard pressed to find a person in this whole world who hasn't held a grudge at one time or another.  
Point being:  forgive yourself, forgive others.  I need this hammered into my head.  What happened in the past is just that --- the past.  I need to focus on being a better person.
"Sure things happen for a reason and people come and go from your life, but take that extra step today and allow yourself to let go of all that negativity you've be holding on to.  I guarantee you'll feel 100% better and I bet you might even find yourself in a much happier place."      
So today I choose to... 

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