December 4, 2012


 reading Lady Of The Rivers by Philippa Gregory.  It's about the mother of Elizabeth Woodville who was queen to Edward of York. 
writing down notes on things I need to do to get myself motivated to actually DO THEM.
listening to cars drive by my office.  I've got the window open so I could listen to it rain, and now, since the rain has stopped - all I hear are cars.
thinking about being overwhelmed.  I feel overwhelmed.  It is not a good feeling.
a Pain de Banane Zombee Candle.
wishing that I didn't feel so exhausted.  I feel worn out, sickly and just plain tired.
hoping there will be a break in this funk I am currently in.
wearing jeans, orange tank, black tee and a white cardigan with black stars on it.  Oh, and my black & white boater shoes.
loving this weather.  Yeah, I know it's December but it feels lovely outside, so there!
wanting get the things done that I need to get done!
needing to reorganize my craft closet, super clean my room, put up the Christmas tree, and the list goes on and on.
feeling *see 'thinking' and 'wishing'*
clicking on Sidda Thornton's blog for a little truth and good reads.

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  1. i'm going through a similar funk right now. i feel absolutely gross, & i'm having to try really hard to do something about it. i just had a delicious cup of coffee with sugar free peppermint mocha creamer, though, & that has really helped to kick-start my day (even though it's relatively late). i hope your day is going well & that you're feeling better!

    also: i LOVE philippa gregory books. it's been ages since i've read one though, & this post made me realize that i miss them!

  2. You should really get back into reading her books! She's got so many new ones! They're all so captivating and you do actually learn about English history as well (albeit, dramatically!).

    I can't seem to get out of my funk. I feel overwhelmed, bogged down....just plain tired. Not 'sleepy tired' just 'blah tired'...if that makes sense?


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