December 4, 2012


 reading Lady Of The Rivers by Philippa Gregory.  It's about the mother of Elizabeth Woodville who was queen to Edward of York. 
writing down notes on things I need to do to get myself motivated to actually DO THEM.
listening to cars drive by my office.  I've got the window open so I could listen to it rain, and now, since the rain has stopped - all I hear are cars.
thinking about being overwhelmed.  I feel overwhelmed.  It is not a good feeling.
a Pain de Banane Zombee Candle.
wishing that I didn't feel so exhausted.  I feel worn out, sickly and just plain tired.
hoping there will be a break in this funk I am currently in.
wearing jeans, orange tank, black tee and a white cardigan with black stars on it.  Oh, and my black & white boater shoes.
loving this weather.  Yeah, I know it's December but it feels lovely outside, so there!
wanting get the things done that I need to get done!
needing to reorganize my craft closet, super clean my room, put up the Christmas tree, and the list goes on and on.
feeling *see 'thinking' and 'wishing'*
clicking on Sidda Thornton's blog for a little truth and good reads.

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