January 31, 2013


Yep.  You got it.  I'm sick....again. 

All the while my planner is sitting here, staring me in the face, telling me to GET TO WORK, YOU LAZY GIRL...the fact of the matter is, I can barely function this morning. 

I'm going to have to reschedule all my would-be posts for next week.  Seriously, you guys, it's taking a huge effort just to write this right now.  I just have no energy. 

So, pretty please, could you do a few things for me?  I'm working with a couple of amazing blogs this month and am giving away some neat-o prizes as well. 

Visit Pink On The Cheek to win a month's free ad space on both of my blogs!

Visit Charm & Sass for a change to win a pair of my super cute leaf earrings from my Etsy shop!

I promise that as soon as I feel better, the posts will be coming at you like crazy...but for now, can someone fix me some soup?  Or bring me a Gatorade?  This girl feels gross:(


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