January 7, 2013


reading The Night Circus.  I must say it drew me in from the start.  I love the mystery, magic and romance of it all.
writing blog prompts, things to get me motivated, stuff to write about.  If you have and suggestions, I am totally game!
listening cars driving past my office, as usual.
thinking that a nap would be good but I need to go home and do laundry, clean my room and put another coat of paint on my canvas project instead.
smelling the deliciously scented Strawberry Shortcake candle that one of my co-workers got for me.
wishing for a better, brighter, happier, successful year.  Also, that my Etsy store takes off & people start buying.  I was in the December Love Club box but didn't see any result of it:(
hoping *see "wishing".*
wearing this awesome cardigan that my roommate got me for Christmas.  I'm accessorizing with this fantastic necklace & of course I'm wearing black pants and ballet flats.  It's what I do.
loving that all my favorite shows are coming back from winter hiatus. 
wanting a salad from this little restaurant in town.  It's got mixed greens, dried cranberries, toasted pecans and grilled chicken in it and it's SO good.
needing to get my laundry done.  That way I can move on to the sheets & blankets.  Oh, the fun of laundry...
feeling like weight loss is really hard.  I'm trying, though.
clicking publish, since I am done:)


  1. omg, The Night Circus is just lovely :3 such imagery!

    and I love writing prompts! so much easier than real posts/stories :P

  2. This could have been one of my lists! I'm right there with you on the Etsy store!

  3. i feel you on the weight loss thing - the holidays really threw me for a loop :(

    i'm starting to get motivated again, though, especially to get in the gym.

    i hope it gets easier for you soon!


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