February 4, 2013

Scene & Heard

Let me just say, watching the Super Bowl halftime show with an 8-year old girl is quite hilarious.  I had the pleasure of kid-sitting one of my best friends' kiddos yesterday.  Her name is Emma and she has an opinion about everything. 

Let me break it down.  Here comes Beyonce with her Queen-Of-The-World attitude.  Yeah, B, you're great - we get it.  Now, I'm a Beyonce fan like the rest of the world but I just don't really buy in to the whole "I'm An Icon" thing that she has going for her yet.  I respect that she is an enormously talented singer.  I will give her that.  I do find her talented and entertaining.  I confess I blare the music of both Destiny's Child & Beyonce on the regular...but again, that doesn't mean I have to like the person as much as I like the music. 

I do not, however, like the fact that she has been validly accused of songwriting theft over the years (taking credit for writing songs that she didn't), she has blatantly copied others' music videos (& then praised for her 'originality') & performances.  I just don't get it.  For someone who is unarguably talented as she is, why do you need to rip off others?  When did the line get so blurred between thievery & 'inspiration'?  Ugh.  But I digress....

So halftime comes and Emma and I go to sit with her mom to watch the show.  Emma sees Beyonce come up on stage (meanwhile we are at a college event, surrounded by at least 200+ other people) and start dancing and says "Why is she taking her clothes off?" (to be fair, not even 3 minutes in, Beyonce had lost her overcoat & skirt). 

I looked over at her about five minutes in and she was covering her eyes.  I asked her why and she said because Beyonce is 'dirty dancing'. (She totally was!)

I will totally admit that I screamed like a little girl when the members of Destiny's Child hit the stage.  I loved Destiny's Child!  I was bummed that they didn't show up until 7 1/2 minutes in & only stayed on stage for about 3 minutes.  Also, did it bother anyone else that, with their impressive roster as a group, they only sang snippets of two songs and then had to sing a Beyonce song before they unceremoniously walked off stage?!  To me, that seemed so conceited.  I mean, damn, give proper credit to the group that made you who you are. 

Emma's mom tried to instill some positives about the performance to her daughter.  She told her that Beyonce tried to show that women can be powerful.  That there was an all-female band as well as all female dancers.  We didn't really know what to say about the costume choices but...well, it's just the way things are, I guess?  Being bootylicious sells...

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  1. I loved your writeup. I am not a B fan. Never was. Never will be. What you had to say was dead-on. Thanks for your honesty.


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