March 21, 2013

{Sponsor Spotlight} Sunny Soirees & Krystal's Kitsch

Hey, you guys!  I'd like you to meet Krystal, author of the blogs Sunny Soirees & Krystal's Kitsch...and one of my wonderful March sponsors here on the blog.  Krystal followed her passion of playing on Pinterest into a blog & career dedicated to wedding and events planning.  She realized, while planning her wedding in the days before Pinterest (the horror!), that the unconventional bride had very little to look at, in terms of research.

While the internet and Pinterest have surely picked up the slack & more resources are available to those planning unique weddings & events, Krystal hopes that she can be a helpful voice to you on your special day.  Her specialties are beach weddings and funky outdoor events.  Having planned her own beach wedding plus working several seaside soirees (tongue twister!) has given Krystal a perspective on the unpredictable nature of your treasured event. What if it rains? Just how LOUD is the beach? Are there really going to be strangers photobombing in all my wedding photos?

While Sunny Soirees focuses mainly on weddings, Krystal's Kitsch is a "fabulously tacky blog about beaches, bargains, beer & everything baby!" - and both are totally worth checking out!

What makes
I'm an outgoing silly beer drinker who loves planning parties and saving money. I am a native Floridian and love sunshine and shopping. I also love alliteration.

What inspired you to create your blog/business/brand?
I have loved weddings long before I was married. I had a problem finding wedding blogs that were "me." Some were too wild -- some were too tame. I hope to skirt the line between crazy and calm and showcase events, weddings, and parties that are unique and fun.

Random Question Time!   If you could have a dinner party with 5 living famous people, who would they be & why?
 Let's see .... how about an NSYNC reunion?! That would work. 

How can my readers connect with you?
Facebook - Twitter - Sunny Soirees - Krystal's Kitsch - Pinterest - Bloglovin' - Hello Cotton - Instagram

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