July 28, 2013

The Sunday Currently

currently dreaming (& a little freaking out) about:
The job I've had for 5 years will be ending most likely in the next six months or so.  I'm freaking out because, honestly, I hate change.  I love my job and would've stayed forever.  Plus...job hunting is a scary process!  Financial instability is scarier, though.
currently wishing for:
Peace of mind, health, happiness....miracles...
currently loving to wear:

My pj's!  Totally waited way too late to do the Currently this week:/
currently listening to:
Don't laugh, but I have the Disney Channel on in the background...it's strangely calming.  I know, I'm weird.
currently watching:
I just caught up with Supernatural & True Blood so I need some new shows to watch.  Any suggestions?
currently reading:
My lists upon lists of things to do, blogs to read, reviews to write & pitches to make.
currently spotted:
In front of the computer.  A lot.
currently concerned about:
Please refer to the first currently question.
currently loving:

My kitties curled up on my bed, waiting for me to come lay down so they can cuddle.  I love those two so so much. 
currently planning:

Workouts & menu planning.  I started a boot camp to get fit but you have to make changes at home as well if you want to see results!

I'm linked up at Sidda Thornton for The Sunday Currently.  

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