November 5, 2013


 creepiest. ever.

So, even if you follow me on the Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you still might not know why I've been largely absent from the world as I know it since I've been neglecting those as well.  Basically, it's because of work. (When is it not?)  Every month, for about a week and a half, I get crazy busy.  So busy that I barely have the energy to do anything once I get home.  This one week (& a half) where I'm like F to the ML...and this is that time.  Awesome.

Here are a few things I've stumbled across lately that I immediately fell into 'Hey, how you doin'?" with...

Megan's DIY duct tape mouse pad & tray.  I'm not a fan of snakes or snakeskin (even in print) so I'd use a different pattern, but you've got to admit, the idea is pretty cool.

Grab yo'self a Mandy Cave Watercolor desktop calendar for November.  It's totally rad. (like for sure.)

Ben & Jerry's came out with a new flavor & it's all about Ron Burgundy from Anchorman.  It's called "Scotchy Scotch Scotch" which is hilarious but all I really care about is finding it and eating the entire pint in like...5 minutes...because I really freaking love me some butterscotch.

Amy's shoe closet organization.  I wish my closet was big enough to do this because I am in love...

These Matryoshka Russian Nesting Dolls.  I've always loved nesting dolls and these little baby rattle toys will probably making an appearance as a Christmas present for a few of my friends' kids.

Pretty much this whole post.  Love it. it.

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