February 5, 2014

So your Pinterest was hacked?

I've heard of Facebook & Twitter accounts getting hacked but until yesterday, I never would have thought someone would hack a Pinterest account.  I guess I'm naive.  Pinterest just didn't seem like something someone would hack.  Well, I was wrong.  Totally & completely wrong.

My Pinterest was hacked yesterday by someone from France who not only changed my name and location, they deleted all my blog URL's and posted URL's of their own.  You have to ask yourself why someone would do that?  At least that is what I'm asking myself.

If you've seen spam from Pinterest on your Facebook & Twitter, pins or boards popping up that you know you didn't make or even possibly have pins reappearing that you know you've deleted, you've probably been hacked. 

The first thing you should do is reset your password.  Hit those hackers where it hurts and lock them out!


Once your new password is set, it's time to delete any pins and boards that you didn't make.  You may want to contact Pinterest to let them know you were hacked so they can be on alert.  Check your boards often to make sure all unwanted action is gone.
    Overall it should be a simple process.  I guess it goes to show that there are jerks out there who will really try to hack into anything. If this happened to you, be proactive and takes the steps necessary to make sure you get your account back!

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