April 24, 2014

Things I Love Week: Day Four

♥All 116 outfits from the movie Clueless ranked from worst to best.  I seriously just love this but man...someone had a lot of time on their hands!

I'm not saying that I wouldn't totally wear these outfits right the hell now if I could get away with it.  Because I totally would.

♥This haunted house snaps photos at the exact moment of super scary-ness and the result is wheeze-laughingly hilarious!

♥So a family in England somehow created four different trees wherein each tree has up to six different fruits, all on the same tree.  They call them Fruit Salad Trees...and I really want to get one!

♥The Beyonce "Soundboardt" had me cackling.  For real...cackling.

♥Of course ya'll know about how much I love New Orleans.  Here's a really great tour to take if you're an American Horror Story: Coven fan (like me)!

♥This lady's article about how she ate nothing but Jackie Kennedy Onassis's strict diet foods makes me smirk because of how well, strict & unappealing it was!  I will never understand why people deny themselves the enjoyment of food.

♥These Instagram photos of dudes who are just plain miserable while their wives/girlfriends are shopping is just plain hilarious.

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