November 7, 2014

Pinterest Is Judging You

I feel like I need to welcome myself back to the blogging world.  Blogging world, I've missed you.  Blog readers, I've missed you too.  I get a little giddy when I read you comments & they make my day a little better.  Hopefully things have mellowed out a bit in real life so I can get back to what I enjoy doing.

So have you heard about Pinterest's new feed algorithm?  Yeah, it's kind of like Facebook's current iteration of their home feed.  You see what's popular, what's most commented/liked, etc. instead of a chronological listing of updates.  In all honesty, I liked the old Facebook feed better.  I liked a chronological listing of updates.  I could just scroll until I was caught up.  But alas, the old days are gone.  And Pinterest decided to join the ranks of what I'm going to call the {popular feed}. 

To sit at the popular table on Pinterest, you've got to get your pins up to their standard of value.  What I mean is, your pins might not get seen at all unless they meet these new guidelines.  One way ticket to Bummertown, please.

While you may still see a few pins based on who you're following, the Pinterest Wizards are somewhere secretly judging your pins.  They're determining what your pin is "worth".  The determining of that "worth" is what determines how many people will feast their eyes on your pins.   

Now you'll get a feed chock full o' pins related to ones you've already pinned.  Those related pins will be the ones that scored well in the new algorithm.  The kicker is now you'll see pins from people you don't follow too.  Which, I guess, is a good thing since it opens the door for the discovery of new pinners.

So, basically, to get your pins seen, you have to play nice.  Pinterest likes uniformity, apparently.  So all those boards you have that have funny names aren't going to be helpful if people are looking for certain things.  For example, your board "I Wanna' Guac!", a board full of guacamole recipes & a punny homage to Twisted Sister, isn't going to get as much play as say, a board called "Guacamole Recipes".  Sad, but true.

You've also got to make sure that the pin you're adding has an actual website that links back to it.  What's the point of pinning something that won't be useful to someone else?  Nothing is more frustrating (okay, many things are more frustrating but you get my drift) than clicking a pin to find out where you can get something and having it show up to some random, unaffiliated page, or worse, a non-existent website.

Take sexy pics, yo.  I'm not talking about chicky-chicky-boom-boom pics, obviously.  What I mean is --- put your best food (ie: image) forward.  Make sure the lighting is good, that your subject is the main focus of the photo.  Pinterest likes photos that are longer than they are wide, so that's good to remember as well. 

Give your photo a name it can be proud of.  One that clearly defines what the photo is, what it does, what it's about, etc.  Keywords are important.  Leave the hashtags to Twitter & Instagram; the best way to help yourself in this case is to use words that you'd think people would search for.  (ie: #feltflowers isn't going to go over as well as felt flowers would in search.) 

It wouldn't hurt to go back to some of the pins you've personally pinned and tweak the description a little bit.  I bet it will pay off. 

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