January 11, 2016

Farewell, David Bowie

I'd thought about publishing an inspiration post about David Bowie for a long time but, now that he has passed, I feel like it's not enough.


I've loved David Bowie since I was a little girl. He taught me at a young age that it is perfectly okay to be who you are.  He told us to own our weirdness.  That there was someone out there who embraced the quirky, the unusual. He told the world, "you were not alone in your oddness".


David Bowie had done so much in his life & career before I was even born.  Once discovered, I went back and researched him through the years, soaking up the various personifications. He was an innovator, influencing who knows how many artists over the span of his career. A prolific singer, song writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, actor -- he defined reinvention and was astounding at everything he tried.  You will very much be missed, David Jones.

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