September 12, 2017

3 Gifts For Your Dad That Are Better Than Socks

What is it about buying gifts for men that is so difficult? They rarely drop any hints, and they tend to buy things for themselves right before their birthday, so you tend to end up with nothing to get. Dads are the worst about this -- they’re just so hard to buy gifts for! In the end, we usually end up buying them something lame like a pair of socks.

Well, no more! I’m about to show you how to up your gift game and stay away from those boring socks! Below, you will find a few gifts that are perfect for your dad and will earn you the title of ‘best gift giver’ in your family.

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I find there are three types of dad; one that’s used the same aftershave for decades, one that’s got a mini aftershave shop in their bathroom, and one that never uses it. Regardless, all three types can do with some new aftershave as a gift. You can open your dad's eyes to a new scent even if they’ve stuck with the same one for years. Alternatively, you can help add a new aftershave to their growing collection if they like trying different ones. Of course, if your dad never uses aftershave then this gift is a great way to get them to start! Maybe they'll find one that they really like and it will become their signature scent?

The funny thing about men is that their hair does funny things when they get older. It sometimes disappears from their head and starts poking out their nose instead. You know what I’m talking about, right? The infamous sticking out nose hair every dad over the age of 50 has. It can look unsightly, and something should to be done about it. With a nose hair grooming set you can give your father the tools he needs to tend to his nasal forest. There are various nose hair trimmers you can buy that are electric powered and will help them do the job in under ten seconds. It’s one of those gifts they might find a bit questionable at first, but they will end up using almost every day and wonder how they lived without it before.

No matter what, your dad will have a certain sport that they love and watch every weekend. It could be football, basketball, baseball, tennis, etc. The point is, whatever their sport of choice might be, some tickets to a ball game make the perfect gift. It’s an excuse to spend some quality bonding time with your father too. It could also be presented as a gift to take one of their grandchildren instead, or a friend of their choice. Either way, it’s a much better gift than a pair of socks.

Stop filling your dad's dresser drawers with countless pairs of novelty socks and start buying them gifts they’ll actually enjoy. These are my three ideas, try them out and I bet your dad will respond favorably!

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