September 15, 2017

Are The "Big States" Worth Visiting?

If you’re considering a vacation somewhere in the United States , there are usually three states that will primarily be mentioned in the rundown of places you should go. While they might not be the biggest in terms of landmass, when it comes to reputation for tourism, these three states are way above the rest.


The question for any eager tourist is whether or not these states are worth visiting. Sometimes, mass opinion of popularity doesn’t necessarily translate to a good time. Let’s examine their attributes a little closer and see if your next road trip or vacation should involve one of the big three.

TEXAS: Worth It?
If you’re talking about “big states” in terms of reputation, it’s impossible not to discuss the second-biggest state of all: Texas. Only Alaska beats the Lone Star State in terms of land size.

Texas is more like a country than a state. There’s the cool, musical vibe of Austin residing in the same state as huge oil cities such as Houston and Dallas. One thing you can be sure of is that the weather will be hot, so if that’s your thing, then Texas might just be the right call for you. 

NEW YORK: Worth It?
When people talk about finding cheap flights to New York and enjoying a holiday there, they tend to be referring to Manhattan. New York is more than the islands of the city of the same name, but let’s focus on the five boroughs, because everyone else does.

New York is a fascinating city with thousands of different historical sites; however, it’s also extremely busy and can quickly overwhelm a visitor.  It might be best reserved for a day trip than the entirety of your stay. If you’re happy to be constantly rushing to keep up, then New York can be an enlivening and exciting destination -- just be sure you’re content with the idea of non-stop pace before you go.


Some of the most iconic images from the USA come from California, from the Golden Gate bridge to “the rock” of Alcatraz. Given how popular the state is with tourists, it’s likely to crop up a few times when you’re browsing through your own possibilities.

The big cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco can be overwhelming, but not nearly as much as New York can. If you’d rather relax than explore a metropolis, then all of wine country -- along with its sprawling hills and cool sea breeze -- won’t disappoint. There’s something in the state for everyone, essentially, which given the size of it is no surprise. Bear in mind that California is a relatively expensive place to visit, so if budget is a concern, it might be best to avoid visiting over the summer months when prices traditionally surge.

As with anything regarding a holiday, there’s very much a case of your mileage may vary on whether or not you find these states worth the trip. Hopefully, you should at least now have a better idea.
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