September 12, 2017

Baby Shower Gifts For Exhausted Parents


Everyone loves baby showers. The anticipation of a new arrival is something most everyone gets excited about. Then the baby comes...and your poor friends are exhausted. Neither the parents or the baby get much sleep. A new life in the house is a big adjustment. We've put together a few items that would make great baby shower gifts that may help those new parents feel a little less fatigued.

As we all know, babies cry a lot. A gentle movement often soothes them, which would give parents some much needed time to relax. A bouncy seat (which looks a little bit like a car seat but with its own stand) can be used to softly bounce and rock the baby. Most seat designs come with three-point harnesses to completely ensure that the baby stays secure and safe. And many, like the Wild Thing Bouncer, also come with toys dangling overhead for added sensory amusement.

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A serious issue for parents concerning infants is cot death. SIDS something that parents everywhere are concerned about. (The linked article above has several tips on how to help prevent SIDS and also serves somewhat as a guide to learning about the proper way babies should sleep and nap). Most experts think that the condition has something to do with the cots themselves - perhaps the blankets, pillows or stuffed toys. It’s a good idea, therefore, for parents to avoid this potential hazard, but how? After all, babies need their cribs.

A company called Halo has come up with a solution: a crib with no pillows and no sheets that could potentially cause suffocation. Just a simple, supportive sack which helps keep the baby contained and comfortable.

Baby shower koozies are a great way to help parents keep their toddler or newborn's milk or formula at the proper temperature. After all, no one wants and unhappy baby! Koozies are a simple, yet fun gift that all mothers will appreciate.

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Just because she’s a new mom, that doesn’t mean that her fashion sense has to go completely out of the window. In fact, the constant need for diapers means that she has a good reason to get a new bag - something she has probably denied herself since having the child.

A company called Skip Hop has come up with a designer diaper bag that they say is perfect for new moms. It’s got space for diapers, food, bottles, keys, phone, and wallet. And it’s all arranged in a highly organized way in different compartments - ideal for busy moms who need to find things quickly. The bags themselves come in a range of colors, including black and champagne.

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Babies need a lot of skin on skin contact for healthy development. Therefore, anything that makes it easier for parents and their children to get closer is a bonus. The baby carrier is a classic gift which does precisely that, allowing parents and their babies to be face to face all the time, even when out and about.

When it comes to baby carriers, there are several choices. However, you’ll want to do your research and make sure that the carrier is one that supportive on the parent's back as well. 

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