September 13, 2017

Gifts For Kids: The Best Presents For Every Occasion


Buying presents can be notoriously stressful. You might assume that buying for kids is easier than shopping for adults, but children can be the harshest critics, and they may not hold back if they’re not head over heels with the gift you’ve bought. If you’re thinking about starting your Christmas shopping a bit early, you’ve got birthdays on the horizon, or you’re preparing to celebrate a new arrival, hopefully, this gift guide will come in useful. Here are some ideas to help you make the right choices whatever the occasion.

Shopping for teenagers
Teenagers are perhaps the trickiest age group to buy for. They’ve outgrown toys and games, but they’re not ready to resign themselves to a lifetime of socks or perfume just yet. If you’re on the lookout for gifts for teens, here is a list of 50 Cool Gifts for Teens, curated by Good Housekeeping.

Hobbies and interests
The first thing to do if you want to make shopping a much less daunting exercise and increase your chances of getting rave reviews is to consider your teen’s interests. If they have a bit of spare cash after the holidays or they’ve asked for money for their birthday in the past, what have they spent it on? Matching gifts to hobbies and passions is a great idea, as you can guarantee that you’ll get something your teen loves. Are they a music fan? Do they love sports? Are they artsy or do they live for fashion? Once you’ve pinpointed some general areas, you can start to narrow down the range of options. If you’ve got a creative teen on your hands, you could buy some supplies, organize some classes or even take a trip to a museum or a gallery together. If your teen loves watching or playing sports, you could treat them to a new sports jersey, order some customized sneakers or book tickets for a game. You don’t always have to buy material items. Experiences are a way of making memories that will stay with your teen forever.

Monetary Contributions
Most teenagers are always saving up for something, so birthdays and Christmas offer excellent opportunities to boost their savings. Perhaps you could contribute to a new laptop, a camera or a purse, for example.

Major Milestones
The teenage years are full of milestones, and many parents look for ways to celebrate achievements. If your teen is about to reach the age when they can start driving, for example, you could use this as inspiration for their birthday gift and pay for driving lessons or contribute money towards a car.

Buying Gifts For Young Children
When you buy presents for young children, you want them to tear off the wrapping and their faces to light up. You don’t want to get something they cast aside and chuck in the bottom of the toy box. There are so many options out there if you’re looking for ideas for younger children. Going to the store can be helpful because you get to see toys and games in the flesh, but shopping online can often represent a better option, as there’s much more choice and prices tend to be more competitive, so you get more for your money.

When you’re buying gifts for young children, think about what they like. Have they got a favorite TV program or film character? Are they obsessed with cartoons, sports or do they adore princesses? Have you got an animal fan in the family or does your child love arts and crafts? If you know exactly what you want, but you’re not sure where to find it, use search engines to locate products that fit the bill. It’s also a good idea to compare prices online if you have a product name or code. Browsing websites can also give you inspiration.

It’s a really good idea to think outside of the box and look for gifts that have a personal touch, especially if you want to combine fun gifts with presents that will stand the test of time. If you’re buying for a first birthday, for example, you may want to give gifts that your child can keep forever. Many websites and retailers now offer the chance to personalize items, and this is a great way to make the presents you give unique and thoughtful. It’s worth remembering that kids are usually all about the fun element when they’re very young. You may think that an outfit is gorgeous, but unless you have a toddler that is incredibly fashion-conscious, you’ll probably find that they’d prefer a book, some outdoor games or a toy than a pair of trousers or a dress. Dress-up clothes are a different thing altogether, and they'll go over wonderfully if your kids love to play pretend role play games.

Welcome To The World Gifts
If you have a friend or relative that is about to give birth, you may be hunting for a perfect welcome to the world gift. There are lots of traditional gifts you can choose from, or you can go for something a little bit different. Clothing, soft toys and decorative items for the nursery are all excellent ideas, but if you’re keen to make your gift stand out from the crowd, you may wish to consider other options. You could design a customized print for the wall, order a bespoke money box or go for something like a wooden train set or a limited edition book. Adding personalized details is always a nice touch, and you can make the gift unique with the child’s name, date of birth and birth weight. It’s also a lovely idea to put together a box of items from the day the child was born, for example, a newspaper, a copy of the single at the top of the charts and a family photograph. Another idea is a video diary or a photograph album that you could present when the child is older.

If you’re looking for inspiration for newborn gifts, it’s a great idea to search online. There are so many websites you can order from and images and photographs that will give you ideas and help you think if you don’t want to go down the traditional gift path.

New Sibling Presents
Having a new sibling can be very exciting, but it can also be a confusing ordeal, especially if you only have one child. It’s daunting for a child to go from being the apple of their parents’ eye to having to share the limelight. If you’re expecting, and you already have a child, you don’t need to spoil them with hundreds of gifts to ensure they feel loved, but buying a couple of presents could help to prevent them from feeling neglected and also encourage them to get excited about the impending arrival. One fantastic idea is a personalized top that says big brother or big sister. You can add the child’s name, and you could even use this gift as a way of telling your child that they’re going to have a new baby to look after if you haven’t already broken the news. You can make a customized shirt online and choose a design your little one will love. Perhaps they’re a dinosaur fan, love sports, are wild for animals, or are a budding superhero? It’s also a really good idea to buy a gift from your new baby to your older child. This helps to get the relationship off on the right foot, and it can help the other child to feel included at a time when visitors are likely to be cooing over the new addition.

Starting School
Starting school is a momentous occasion for any child or parent. Somehow, children tend to age years and grow a foot overnight when this milestone comes around, and it’s definitely worth taking note of in some way. You could plan a little party the weekend before the big day or after the first day at school, or you could treat your child to some brand new stationery or even order customized items with your child’s name on them. It’s always a good idea to check with the school first, just in case children are required to have uniform products. You don’t want to send your kids to school with bottles or bags that aren’t allowed.

If you’re a parent or you have close friends or siblings with children, you may be on the hunt for unique gifts that are guaranteed to bring smiles. It can be tough to find presents for children, especially if you’re determined to get a positive reaction, but there are ways of making shopping less stressful. Always bear the individual child in mind, and think about what they like doing in their spare time. Use the Internet for inspiration and have a good look around. Explore quirky ideas and look into unique gifts. Personalized presents are always a great idea for marking special occasions and momentous milestones, and there’s always a huge range of products out there. 

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