September 14, 2017

Making the Most of a Trip to Texas

As the largest southern state in America, Texas brings in tourists and travelers from all over the world. Filled with deserts, pine forests and housing a long stretch of coast along the Gulf of Mexico, there’s plenty of varied terrain to explore and countless attractions to visit. Because it’s such a large state with a myriad of destinations, we’ve compiled a brief list of must-visit places in Texas that will help you make the most of a trip to this gorgeous state.

Houston Space Center
Of course, a visit to Texas can’t be complete without a trip to the famous Houston Space Center. This is the perfect attraction for kids as well as adults that have an interest in space. Take a ride on the simulator, see real rockets and maybe even get the chance to dress up as an astronaut. There are plenty of exhibits to see as well, making this the ultimate destination for anyone with even an ounce of interest in science.

AT&T Stadium
While not strictly an attraction with a permanent theme, the AT&T Stadium in Arlington hosts plenty of concerts & sporting events that could be of your interest. If you’re visiting Texas during a major  sports season, then make sure to stop by at the AT&T Stadium to catch a game. It may be worth looking into Quality Inn at Arlington Highlands if you want an affordable, local place to stay. It makes traveling to and from the stadium much easier and it helps if the event times are at awkward hours.

San Antonio River Walk
The San Antonio River Walk goes on for several miles along the river and it features some of the region’s best shopping areas, restaurants and hotels. If you’re a big spender, then you won’t want to miss the stores here that offer some unique souvenirs and items that can only be found in San Antonio. If you plan to visit here, then make sure it coincides with the many arts and culture festivals that are regularly hosted.

Big Bend National Park
This is one of the most popular wilderness areas in Texas due to the size and varied landscapes that you’ll get to experience. There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails that are suitable for both walking and biking, and you won’t want to miss the boat tours that will take you down the entire river which runs through the park. With over a thousand species of plants and over 400 species of birds, there’s plenty of wildlife to capture on your cameras too.

Padre Island National Seashore
Although it’s not quite a beach, it is the world’s longest undeveloped barrier island. Padre Island is easy to reach and is around 70 miles long if you measure the entire stretch. It’s an important conservation area in Texas because of the rare sea turtles and birds that migrate over to the area. It’s a bird watcher’s dream! There's also a visitor's center to help you get started with discovering this beautiful coast.

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