October 20, 2017

5 Little Luxuries to Take With You When You Travel

These days, we are on the go all the time. From jetting off on our annual vacations to visiting friends and family scattered around the country, racking up the air miles travelling for work or even planning that long-dreamed-of road trip across America. Even if you love a more nomadic lifestyle, there are times when we just want our creature comforts around us. But traveling doesn’t necessarily have to mean compromising in life’s little luxuries. Here are five ways to add a little touch of luxe to your travel set-up, no matter the occasion.

Cozy up in a cashmere wrap

When you’re between multiple locations, it’s the variations in temperature that can catch you out. Even when you’re on the airplane or a train, things can get really cold, and there’s nothing less luxurious than shivering! Luckily help – and luxury – is at hand with a cashmere travel set. Warm and cozy, unbelievably soft and also lightweight, a set like this one from won’t add bulk to your baggage, but it will stop you shivering if temperatures drop. You can get different combinations, but a travel wrap, eye mask and socks are a winning combination.

Invest in a travel scent set

There is nothing more evocative than fragrance, so controlling how your environment smells can be a powerful comfort – it can lift your mood, energize you, or simply help you to relax. It’s such a simple thing and yet so transformative. The right scent can instantly make a hotel room or guest room feel much more like home. Muji does great travel sets with mini candles and incense sticks, all in light but durable little aluminium tins that so easy to transport.

Luxe up your bathrobe

A bathrobe is something that most of us throw into our suitcase without a second glance, but it can be a simple but effective way to add comfort to your travels. There are so many different types of bathrobes, so don’t settle for the first one you find! Consider soft silk or cozy cashmere again, to add an extra enhancement to your downtime. You are often so busy when you travel, so it’s great to be able to come back to your hotel room and really get comfortable by slipping on your robe.

Pack your own pillowcase

It may seem weird to some, but using strange pillows and bed linens can affect the quality of your sleep while you are travelling, and one way to deal with that is by taking your own pillow or even just the pillowcase along with you. A beautiful silk pillowcase can not only enhance your sleep, but it can also stop your hair getting tangled and frizzy in the night meaning you can get away with packing fewer hair products and tools as well!

Escape into music

The real luxury when you’re traveling is often a bit of head space from other people’s noise, and it’s so comforting to be able to escape into some music, a good TV show or an immersive movie on your iPad. But to make this experience so much better, it’s worth investing in some good quality noise-cancelling headphones. Being able to blot out the world when you want to sleep or just get some peace and quiet is fantastic – you can even wear them playing a white noise app if you don’t wish to hear music!

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