November 7, 2017

Amazing Ski Resorts For The Non-Skiers

This may sound totally bizarre, but not everyone that heads to a ski resort wants to, ummm, ski. Enduring the cold as you sit on a stop-start chairlift in a pair of below-par salopettes only to wobble your way back down to the slopes absolutely terrified for your life is not everyone’s idea of a fun holiday. It is divisive, but a lot of resorts are starting to understand that some groups are separated - half want to ski and half want to relax.

Perhaps you used to ski but no longer have the bounce-back ability to hack it anymore, or maybe you never liked the idea of standing on freshly waxed skis and letting gravity take over. Either way, here are the best ski resorts for those that want to vacation in style - without skiing - while still wanting their friends and families to have the best time possible.


Morzine, France
This resort is the gem in the grown of the Portes Du Soleil for so many reasons. The village has everything you could possibly want by way of delicious restaurants, great shopping, lively bars and non-slope-based entertainment, including swimming facilities and ice hockey games. It is also connected to Avoriaz, which is part of the reason it has won best family ski resort so many times (check out Aquariaz). As for accommodation, there is a multitude of options from hotels to studio flats, contemporary apartments to traditional chalets, but our favorite remains those offered by Ski Harrington - they offer a truly personal experience.


Meribel, France
This is the one for those that want to swap the slopes for a spot of luxury because it easily snaps up a five-star rating on that front. You can really enjoy luxury in Meribel village, there is no doubt about that. The food is spectacular, most of the accommodations are made up of luxury chalets, the scenery is a cocktail of snow-capped forests and mountains, the shopping is high-end, the apres is not too rowdy and the nightlife is excellent.


Ellmau, Austria
This is where you want to go if you enjoy a more leisurely way of life, starting with the Hartkaiserbahn mountain railway that takes you from town to one of the charming restaurants and bars higher up. That isn’t the only way to enjoy the staggering scenery that envelopes this resort because you could also jump in a horse-drawn cart while the others are skiing, before taking a quick bus to the local medieval town of Kitzbuhel, which is not just sophisticated and elegant to look at, but packed full of gorgeous little boutiques too.


St. Moritz, Switzerland
This is about as close as you can get to a diamond-encrusted winter wonderland, starting with Via Serlas, which is the highest shopping street in Europe and packed full of designer brands. From here you can wear your new faux-fur jacket to watch the Cartier Polo World Cup - on snow - while sipping on champagne. After this, head to one of the mesmeric hotels for a spot of tea, walk around the national park and then slink back to one of the numerous high-end chalets that litter this part of the world.

Seriously, who needs skiing when there is all this temptation to be had in town? 

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