November 24, 2017

The Big 13! How To Get The Right Gift For A New Teen

Every birthday is special when you’re a child, but perhaps the big 13 deserves a little something extra. It’s the first year of being a teenager, and it’s quite the landmark age when you’re a child. It symbolizes the transformation away from being a kid. That means that, at least in their mind, things need to be much more ‘grown-up’ from now on. So how on earth can you buy a present for the big 13?

Special Interests
Now, more than ever, it’s important to cling on to those hobbies and special interests that a young teen is most passionate about. Life will be changing a lot in the next couple of years. Special relationships will come and go, friendships will change, and homework will start to pile up. There will be less time for the things they love right now. A gift that encourages holding onto that might be really important to them.

Sports is a good place to start for the active teen. Most kids are quite keen on at least one sport. It might be tennis, athletics, or football. Maybe they’re a really big baseball fan. It doesn’t matter if you know next-to-nothing about these things. You can find what you need online most of the time. This blog post explains everything you need to know about baseball gloves. Just look for the specialist websites and blogs that offer advice on the sports your new-teen is most interested in.

Another reason for using special-interest websites is that it can avoid the hard sell from going into a store. Sales staff on commission might take advantage of your lack of knowledge and push items that aren’t really what your gift recipient needs. It’s best to pick up the information you need and then make a purchase decision.

If you’re not keen to buy equipment or kit for fear of getting the wrong brand or size, why not try a coached course? Special training from a reputable sports coach can offer amazing opportunities. This is a very common practice in golfing circles. You can find one-off lessons or even residential courses for most sports. It offers a great experience and plenty of memories that will last a lifetime.

The Arts
Creative kids often have a passion for the arts. They might enjoy storytelling or creative writing. Perhaps they’re pretty handy with a video camera? Some children are very musical, singing or playing a musical instrument like a guitar. Others are very talented with a pencil and sketchbook. This is a difficult age for a child. While they might still find great comfort in their chosen art form, social commitments and schoolwork will soon get in the way.

If you can nurture the talent that your new-teen has, you might be able to help them develop a passion for life from it. These extra-curricular interests are so important. They are really good activities to enjoy when you need some downtime from the pressure of schoolwork. They’re perfect when you’re on your own, and even better when shared with a friend. So what kind of gift can you get to help them develop their talents?

Lessons are always a good approach, but they don’t tend to come cheap! Instead, you might be interested in buying some supplies. If they like art, you might buy a set of watercolors, or invest in a canvas or two. What about a new lens or filter for their camera? There are thousands of books in the stores offering in-depth how-to guides for any special interest topic. If it’s music they love, why not invest in some sheet music or recordings of their favorite artist?

Special Activities
Whether it’s sports, the arts, gaming, or gardening, a special event or activity could make the perfect gift. Conventions, exhibitions, big games, or concerts are perfect as a gift at this age. It gives your thirteen-year-old the chance to see how the pros do it, and can light a fire inside them for their own passions in life. Dancers might love a chance to attend the ballet. Classical musicians might like the Symphony, and basketball fans might love court-side tickets.

There are conventions and exhibitions for every special interest you can think of. The best way to find them is to check out the classified advertisements in the back of magazines on the subject. You can always type in the hobby and then the word exhibition into a search engine to see what comes up. You don’t have to be interested or knowledgeable about the same things to be able to come up with an awesome gift.

Adult Responsibilities?
Thirteen is a really good age for your child to start taking on more grown-up responsibilities. If you’ve been putting off getting a pet, why not consider it now? A pet for your child will encourage them to prioritize others over themselves. They’ll need to do the yucky jobs that are usually left to parents to deal with. Most importantly, they’ll have a reliable playmate and friend through those tough teenage years.

Dogs and cats are the most popular household pets in America. Both require a lot of care and attention. Dogs, in particular, require regular exercise and so will ensure your new-teen is also getting plenty of time outdoors. It’s not easy at this age, but a loving pet can make a wonderful companion and help maintain healthy, active lifestyles.

Thirteen might be a good age to start using a bank account. Why not pay their allowance into their bank account each month? This gives them the means and the responsibility to budget and choose what they spend their cash on.

Pocket money in cash might still be a good idea, but why not try a prepaid card as well? These can often be used to pay for goods and services in the mall and even online. They’re not connected to a bank account. All that is at risk of being lost or stolen is the value on the card at that time. It’s a good way to start learning about responsible spending and budgeting. What made a good gift for your thirteen-year-old?

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