December 14, 2017

7 Quirky Themes For The Picture-Perfect Party

The pressure is piling on in the run up to your birthday. Not only are you flustered that you’re getting another year older, but your friends are on your case about throwing the best birthday party ever. You are always slightly on the panicked side when it comes to throwing a birthday bash. You never quite get the theme right and you spend longer trying to plan the darn thing than actually having a good time while you’re there. Well this year it’s time to sit back and let the party magically take care of itself. Yes, you may have to purchase the odd decoration and seek out a charming cake, but the ideas are here and ready to go. Look no further, for you have an inbuilt party planner right at your fingertips which will make sure your party contains all of the little touches you need.

1. Amazing Alphabet
Here is a no-nonsense theme which has the potential to bring a whole lot of giggles. The advantage of this theme means that every party guest has quite a lot of freedom in what they choose to wear. Secondly, it involves little preparation on your part. The ‘Alphabet’ theme involves each guest coming to the party dressed as something which begins with the first letter of their name. For example, if your name was Steven, you might choose to come dressed as Superman or a sausage. The possibilities are literally endless and it means that your friends can keep it tame or go outrageous. Giving them the freedom to make their own decisions can often be a huge help!

2. Marvellously Medieval
Why not go back in time and throw the most marvellous medieval bash there has ever been. You could make it very Game of Thrones-esque, with authentic looking props and decorations. There are even some amazing Viking drinking horns which you can keep your beverages in. Small touches like this will make your party go from average to amazing. It’s also a fun theme that kids can get involved in too. A medieval theme can also be pretty flexible in terms of costume. Guys and girls can pick a fictional character and emulate it with a touch of an accessory or they could go full blown knight in shining armour. The possibilities are endless.


3. Creative Creatures
There is nothing more fun than dressing up as your favorite critter. You can create a zoo-themed party to die for in a few easy steps. Everyone’s choice of animal would be different, from slithering snakes to tenacious tigers. Your party photos will end up being extraordinary with spots and stripes parading all over the place. You could even get a face-painter to help out with everyone’s make up and give a professional vibe. You could also hone into a specialist animal theme, such as 'under the sea' or 'farmyard'. If you set a more specific theme you can mimic the decorations and activities to match!

4. Cool Cookery
If dressing up isn’t really your thing, then don’t worry. There are some awesome party themes which have a creative element, but don’t involve any form of fancy dress. If you’re looking for a really unique theme you could consider getting a cooking class. You could go with something simple, but delicious like making your own pizzas. There are professional cooking instructors that can come to your home and teach you everything you need to know. You and your friends will have a wonderful time and you’ll learn a little something too. Not only will you be brushing up on your cooking skill, but you’ll get to eat up every ounce of deliciousness afterwards as well!

5. Tantalizing Tea Party
The epitome of party sophistication has to be a tea party. You and your friends can dress up in your fanciest day time attire and indulge in snazzy sandwiches and tea time snacks. Tea parties don’t have to be as traditional as you think either. If you want to stray away from the classic cakes and nibbles you could go all American. You could fill up some traditional cake stands with mini burgers, friends and chicken dippers and create a modern-day tea party. This theme has the versatility to make it as casual or dressy as you want it to be. You also have the freedom to pick and choose your favorite foods and incorporate them.


6. Original Outdoorsy
If you are lucky enough to have a birthday in the summer months why not give your house a break and take it outside. Build a bonfire and set up some tents. Toast some marshmallows and crack out some old sing songs with a guitar. This is probably one of the most laid-back party themes that you will come across in this list. If this is your style then it couldn’t be easier. Get all of your guests to bring some supplies to contribute to the evening and wrap up in your warmest and comfiest clothing. This kind of party is great for bringing friendship groups together. The combination of late night chats and huddling around the fire exchanging stories is bound to bond you all together.

7. Forever Young

Transport yourself back to your younger years and hold a classic sleepover, complete with pillow fights, midnight feasts and ghost stories. Feel the nostalgia running through your veins as you and your best friends climb into matching pajamas and pile into a homemade den built out of mattresses and blankets. Start up a movie marathon and cook up some delicious popcorn. You won’t even feel like you’ve got a year older!

Try and choose the theme which represents you and your friendship group. There is bound to be one idea out of these which leaps out at you as the obvious choice. Party planning is a breeze when you’ve got the basics. Once you’ve decided on the theme you can let your creativity run free and truly embrace your special celebration.

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