December 12, 2017

Your Dream Vacation Doesn't Have To Be A Financial Nightmare

Do you have somewhere in mind when someone starts talking about dream vacations? We all have those places in the world we would love to see, but when it comes to making reliable plans and getting out there, we often think the cost will be way too high....but it doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, what's stopping you from taking your dream vacation isn't money - it’s a lack of planning and creativity. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through some of the things every household can try out to make their magical thoughts of a trip abroad a lot more grounded in reality. Let’s take a closer look at some of your best options.

Be Realistic
OK, so let’s start the ball rolling by being realistic. The simple truth is that few people in the world can afford the best suite in a $10,000+ a night hotel looking over a beach in the Maldives. And it’s not something anyone would sensibly suggest would be a good fit for the credit card. However, if you’re realistic about your plans, you’ll soon find that it’s more than possible to get out to the Maldives if you are prepared to bide your time. And even if it isn’t this summer - perhaps it could be the next, or the one after that. With a little savvy saving in the long-term, you will be surprised at how much you can put away.

Create A Fund
Saving is a big part of turning any of your dreams into a reality, and it’s no different for traveling. Work out your budget, including all your different saving commitments, and set up a dedicated travel fund. If you make sure the money is put away as soon as you are paid, you’ll find you won’t even miss the extra cash after a while. And by the time a year goes around, there will be a substantial amount of money in our account that you can use to place a big deposit.

Use A Credit Card
As pointed out over at, credit cards can be a valuable tool in reducing your travel costs. It’s a simple process, and as long as you are disciplined about paying off your full balance every month, you can rack up the points incredibly quickly by using your card for day-to-day spending. Take a look around on credit card comparison sites and find one that rewards you in travel points - or air miles if you are a frequent business flyer.

Fly Off-Season
Finally, there’s a sweet spot for traveling to pretty much every destination in the world. The trick is to make sure you are never going at peak season, and travel out before the weather takes a turn for the worst. According to, most places in the northern hemisphere, prices of flights and accommodation go right down towards the end of September and early October. It's late February/early March if you are going to a Southern Hemisphere country. And if you try and go away somewhere near the equator, the good weather can continue long into November - and maybe beyond.  Good luck snagging yourself a bargain!

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