January 22, 2018

Be The Airbnb Guest You'd Want To Host

Thinking of staying in an Airbnb rental on your next vacation? There are certainly many reasons why you’d want to, from the very low cost to being able to stay away from the usual crowds of tourists. But once you get into your Airbnb property, there are certain ways you will be expected to behave and act. After all, if you are staying in someone’s guest room, you can’t exactly treat the rest of the house as your own home! It’s all about having some respect for someone else’s home.

So, are you new to the whole Airbnb thing? Here are some tips to ensure that you are the type of guest that you would want to host in your own home.

Respect Your Host’s Privacy
First of all, it’s really important to remember that you are staying in someone else’s very own home. There might be some rooms which they would rather you didn’t go into, even if they are in them. For instance, if you hear that they are watching the TV in their living room, they might not appreciate you just walking in and joining them. So, it’s best to stick to your own room and give your host plenty of privacy.

Thank You Will Go Along Way

Remember to always say please and thank you. This may just be basic manners, but your host will really appreciate it all! In fact, once you get back to your own home, you might want to send your host a personalized thank you note just to show how much you appreciated their hospitality. You’ll be able to buy personalised thank you notes online or in your local stationery shops. Sending these small notes will help you get a good review on the Airbnb website!

Tell Them Your Schedule
Once you arrive, it’s a good idea to swap schedules with your host. If you have an excursion planned one day and you expect to leave the accommodation very early, then it’s important you let your host know so that they aren’t wondering what is going on if they are awoken by hearing you. Learning your host’s schedule will also inform you if they ever expect to be up early or home late any days while you are there.

Keep Things Neat And Tidy
Your host will have to tidy and clean the room once you leave so that they can get it ready for the next guests who are staying in the room. So, you should try and do them a favor and keep the room as neat and tidy as possible. If you make a lot of extra work for them once you have gone, then there is no way they will leave you a five-star review! The best way to figure out whether or not your room is clean enough is to just ask yourself if you would be happy with it at home. If not, then you should start tidying up a bit more!

Have a great trip!

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