January 31, 2018

Fight Back Against The Aches And Pains Of Work

If you spend every day hustling, it’s quite likely your body is going to start complaining about it at some point. Never has the term “daily grind” been so appropriate. You don’t have to simply sit back and take it, though. Fight back against the aches and pains of the workplace with the following tips.

Guess What’s Back?
It’s back pain. It’s one of the most common physical complaints heard by any doctor and it’s also the leading cause of disability, so it’s not something to be treated too lightly or ignored. There’s a lot you can do to reduce the impact of back pain. Prescription painkillers can treat back pain just as well as they treat headaches but moving frequently can also be a huge help. It's important to tackle the underlying cause as well, which is most often holding a bad posture for hours on end. If your boss isn’t willing to, consider shelling out for an ergonomic chair and make sure you’re level with your workstation, not reaching up to your keyboard or looking up at your monitor.

Something Painful Afoot
Perhaps your job doesn’t involve a lot of sitting, but a lot of standing and walking around instead. That can still be dangerous for your back, but the pain can manifest a lot more readily in your feet and legs, due to the impact of walking all day and poor circulation. For foot pain, shop now for effective working shoes that offer proper arch support. For circulation, compression socks can make a huge difference in reducing swelling and aches.

Raise Yourself Right
If you’re frequently lifting boxes, equipment, or other heavy loads at work, then it can just take one bad lift to give you a serious injury. Make sure you learn the proper lifting techniques, making use of assistance where possible, and lifting with your hips and not your back. If it’s a very common part of your job, then it’s worth talking to your boss about getting manual lifting training from an accredited course. If they say no, then they could be failing to meet health and safety regulations.

Stretch Those Legs
It’s not true of all jobs, but there’s no doubt that more and more workers are living a more sedentary lifestyle. Beyond back pain, this plays a huge role in weight gain, blood pressure, even stress and depression. Even if you’re new to working out, you have to make sure you balance a sedentary work life with a more active personal life. You might have a lot of opportunities to be more active at work if you look for them, too. For instance, the next time your boss needs a coffee run or someone to go get supplies, volunteer yourself first. Take any opportunity to get up and on your feet without looking like you’re simply taking a break every hour.

Those aches and pains might be more than just an annoyance - they could be the sign of a deeper underlying problem that you need to tackle before it becomes a seriously threatening issue. If a certain pain starts becoming a lot more common, then don’t delay - talk to your doctor about it as soon as possible.

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