January 7, 2018

How To Inject Some Individuality Into Your Style

When everyone buys their clothes from the same shops, and you’re desperately trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends from the red carpet and catwalk, it can be all but impossible to maintain some individuality. In today’s day and age, everything you thought was quirky, and niche about yourself has been done to death and probably has quite a few subreddits dedicated to it. You may even find you can’t tell your Instagram feed from most of your friends’, and on a night out it can appear like you planned and coordinated your outfits. Well have no fear, below are a few basic ideas to help you shake off the changeable nature of fashion and find your signature look.

Have A Look
Everyone has no doubt heard the infamous Yves Saint Laurent quote “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” It beautifully captures how you should approach your outfit choices. Some of the most timeless fashion icons have had very simple outfit styles that they built their wardrobe around. James Dean made jeans and a plain t-shirt the epitome of cool for men everywhere. Audrey Hepburn became synonymous with the little black dress and the up-do. Marilyn Monroe was red lipstick and simply styled, figure-hugging dresses. Stick to simple outfits that accentuate your figure. Avoid the latest trends, or you’ll simply end up buying clothes that will only last you a few months until the next trend comes in.

This is where you can add a little flair to your outfit. Sticking with a basic fundamental outfit choice allows you to customize it with some simple accessories. Think shoes, belts, watches, and jewelry. A simple outfit is a blank canvas; your accessories are the paint. Use matching or contrasting colors. Be as bold or a subtle as you like. Take inspiration from the on-season trends, while also being honest with yourself about what you actually like, rather than what you think you should like. It’s all well and good buying everything you see that is remotely “on trend” but if you feel uncomfortable wearing your purchases, they are wasted money.

Rock It With Confidence
This is the most important part of creating and honing your style. You have to carry it with confidence. It took a few years for David Bowie to become recognized as a fashion icon; before that people just considered him a guy in some weird outfits. Dress how you want to dress and wear your clothes with confidence, that’s how you go from being a trend-follower to a trend-setter. It may seem intimidating at first to step out of the comfort of your own home in a style that is truly your own, but when you stop comparing yourself to others and really be true to yourself - the happiness it will make you feel will shine through. Remember, the best accessory you can ever wear is a smile, so lift your head up high and own your style. Whether that is black lipstick and villain t-shirts, or a polka dot swing dress and kitten heels - everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own skin and fashion.

Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas on how you can add your own spin on any outfit, and not fall into a crowd of trend followers.
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