February 14, 2018

Simple Fashion Hacks Everyone Should Know

Winter is coming to a timely end and we are about to step into the Spring with a sense of excitement and anticipation. The Spring and Summer are the most fun seasons for fashion because we no longer need to be dressed up like an Eskimo. If you don’t think that you are very fashion savvy or able to come up with amazing outfits like those girls on Pinterest, don’t fret. We have some simple fashion hacks you can use this year to make you feel like a fashionista with no effort.

Graphic Tees
Everyone loves a good slogan, and a great graphic tee can make or break your outfit. Take a look at a site like Davson Sales and you will see so many different patterns to choose from, which can be easily paired with a plain skirt or a pair of jeans. You will look made up without any of the fuss.

The Right Bra
Your bra is the most important piece of clothing you own. It is crucial that you make sure you are wearing the right size for you and that your breasts are fully supported. If you don’t do this you will notice that your belly ends up looking larger and you look much bigger than you are overall.

A Splash Of Color
You will notice that the age of monochrome is fully underway. The rise of Scandinavian style has meant that we are swapping many of the bright colors for stone, beige and black and white. You can add a small accent of color to a plain outfit and immediately take it to the next level with minimal effort. It could be a bright red bomber jacket, pink heels or even a bright scarf.

A-Line dresses are the perfect option for any occasion, you can never fail to look great in an A-Line dress. It will accentuate a small waist, make your breasts look fully and many will show off your legs too. They are the perfect fallback for any occasion.

Avoid Thin Fabric
If you see a really cute top in the store but the material is totally see-through, you will want to avoid it completely. Most of the time thin fabrics like this will only show the parts of you that you don’t want others to see. You are better sticking to thicker and more supportive materials which will tuck you in and keep you supported.

The Right Bag
A great handbag can be the difference between a blasé outfit and a wonderful fashion statement. By simply adding a fashionable handbag to your outfit as you walk out of the door, you will notice a huge difference in the overall impact of your outfit.

Wrap Dresses
Wrap dresses are a perfect option for anybody who feels a little bit self conscious about their midsection. A wrap dress will hide your belly with material gathered around the waist and lengthen your overall silhouette. 

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