March 20, 2018

A Walk On The Wild Side

We all have different priorities when we go on vacation. Some people intend on nothing more than a tan. Others focus on historical sites. And, some of us head away to see, first-hand, the wildlife of different locations. Seeing animals you don’t have at home is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s no wonder, then, that this is a common vacation priority.

But, how can you be sure to see the wildlife you’re going away for? Some of us are lucky enough to see all sorts of creatures on our travels. Others head out and don’t see as much as a lizard. In truth, that’s the nature of wildlife. These aren’t creatures in a safari park back home. There’s no guarantee that they’ll make an appearance during your stay. But, you can at least increase the chances of it by taking note of these three pointers.

Choose the right destination
If wildlife is your priority, take time to choose a destination which lends itself to the cause. It isn’t enough to just assume that animals will be at any destination. Instead, you may need to head out and find them. Africa is an obvious option here, with its many opportunities for safari. Equally, somewhere like the Galapagos Islands won’t disappoint, with its status as one of the world’s foremost destinations for wildlife. By booking yourself into somewhere like the Finch Bay Hotel here, you’d be following in Charles Darwin’s very own footsteps. Equally, less expected locations, like Pig Beach in the Bahamas, could make way for an out of this world wildlife experience. Do your research, and take the time to decide which animals you would most like to get a good look at.

Visit at the right time of year
It’s also worth noting that time of year matters a great deal when it comes to wildlife. Often, animals migrate or hibernate during colder seasons. The last thing you want is to get halfway around the world and find that all the animals have gone already. To make sure it doesn’t happen, research migration patterns and hibernation periods. By getting an idea of what wildlife each area offers, you can easily find out when nature will be at its best. And, that’s when you want to visit.

Stay away from tourist-heavy areas
It’s also worth bearing in mind that, to see the best wildlife, you may want to steer clear of tourist areas. Admittedly, some animals do congregate where people are. But, if you want to see the real natural environments, you should head a little further afield. In fact, the more remote the area, the better chance you have of seeing some spectacular sights. Something like a hiking holiday would be fantastic for this. That is, of course, if there aren’t any dangerous animals around. Bear in mind, though, that it’s essential you clean up after yourself every step of the way. These areas have stayed wildlife-rich for a reason. Don’t damage the ongoing beauty of such areas.

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