March 15, 2018

Adventuring on The Cheap

Leaving behind the consumer driven culture and rat race most of us are subconsciously programmed to live can be a fabulously liberating experience, yet, giving it all up is too scary a prospect for most people. This is most likely why a lot of people choose to find a balance between living a settled life in one place with pockets of adventure throughout the year.

There is one thing with travel, however, that remains a constant - no matter who you are, where you go, or how much you travel; just as a jumbo jet requires fuel to facilitate its journey… so do you… and, the fuel we’re talking about here is money.

Once upon a time, overseas travel was considered a luxury of the wealthy or the elite, yet today, almost everyone in the Western World is able to travel at a relatively affordable cost, indeed the concept of traveling has become so ubiquitous we almost view it as some form of “human right”. There is, however, a limit to how much adventure you can squeeze out of your budget and in this article we’re going to uncover a few fundamental principles to help you adventure on the cheap.


Whilst it’s good to have a general direction, it’s important to remain flexible and be open to going with the flow - as otherwise, you might end up spending a lot of money in order to stick to your detailed point-by-point itinerary. Admittedly, in life, most people have to plan their travels around other commitments such as work - but if you’re looking to squeeze the most from your budget, it pays to be flexible, especially in consideration of booking flights.


A large expense when traveling are accommodations; even in countries known for being cheap such as SE Asia, the price can mount up particularly if you appreciate some home comforts.

There is, of course, the option to house-sit and if you’re really on a budget, there are sites such as workaway that allow you to volunteer for around four hours a day in return for free accomodations and food. Then, if you’re looking to do something truly adventurous you can opt to fund-raise for an adventure such as to climb kilimanjaro for charity as this way, your costs are covered and you’re also raising money for a good cause.


Flights can take a huge chunk of cash from your travel fund. The best advice is to search for cheap flights via comparison engines such as or as these compare hundreds of flights by most airlines in the world to present you with the cheapest deals for the dates and destinations you are looking for.

Try to be as flexible with your departure and arrival locations as possible. If you were flying into London (England) - it might be worth searching for flights to the whole of the UK, as, let’s say there’s a flight to Manchester (just two hours from London by train) which is $200 cheaper - it would make financial sense to book that flight and travel to London on a cheap train ticket.

Another thing to consider, if you were traveling from the US to Ireland, as an example, is that it might be a lot cheaper to book a flight to London and then book a separate flight with a low cost carrier such as RyanAir (fares from London to Dublin can be as low as $5 if booked in advance).

In essence the more flexible you are the cheaper the flights you will be able to find.

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