March 28, 2018

Beautiful European Towns That You Should Explore

If you’re planning a trip to the continent of Europe then you have your pick of fascinating countries to visit. You’re spoiled for choice. But you might be looking for a real one-of-a-kind adventure. Maybe you don’t want to visit the most popular city for a change, and that’s a good thing. There’s more to a country than its capital, after all. Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and London are all wonderfully exciting cities, but they’re not representative of their countries as a whole. It’s time to dig a little deeper so that you can truly explore some of the beauty that this continent has to offer. Here are some beautiful European towns and cities that you should explore.

Edinburgh, Scotland.
If you want to visit a city that feels like a quaint town on a massive scale then Edinburgh certainly fits that description. Whilst we discouraged capital cities in the introduction, Edinburgh really is an exception. It’s a city like nowhere else in the world. You won’t find glass skyscrapers cluttering business districts here; you’ll find fascinating architecture, beautiful natural sights, and a lot of things to do. You should definitely visit the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions if you want an otherworldly experience. You can blow your mind with some visual and interactive optical illusions that are scattered across several floors before getting to the roof to admire Edinburgh in all its splendor.

Polygyros, Greece.
That’s probably a Greek Town of which you’ve never heard before. Polygyros is the capital of the Greek region of Halkidiki, and it’s a fascinating place to visit. You could get a taxi in Thessaloniki when you arrive at the airport and head straight to Polygyros. Visiting this town really is an adventure. It’s a beautiful place that sits just south-west of the famous Cholomontas mountain, and that mountain is definitely worth visiting whilst you’re there. It’s a stunning natural spectacle. In terms of the town itself, you should spend some time admiring the intriguing buildings you’ll find there. The St. Nicolas Church and the Town Hall are both stunning examples of quaint Greek architecture. You should also visit the Folklore Museum if you’re intrigued by the history of this beautiful place. It really is a hidden treasure.

Wells-Next-The-Sea, England.
England might not always be a warm or sunny location, but it certainly offers a lot in terms of wonderful little towns and villages. The seaside town of Wells-Next-The-Sea makes up for its lack of sun by being a beautiful location in its own right. Whilst it looks better under a bright summer’s glow, this town has a lot to offer all year round. Spectacular views from the coastline are well worth the visit. The beaches are also a lot of fun. You’ve got everything from the classic beach huts to venues selling fish and chips - another classic staple of British culture. The forest in the nature reserve that lines the beach is also a picturesque place to explore. This really is the perfect seaside location for an adventure.

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