March 20, 2018

Knowing How To Defend Your Corner

Life is not easy. It’s important to know how to navigate it if you’re to achieve a sense of meaning and joy. While no one would say that life is easy what with all the responsibilities and sometimes sad scenarios we must encounter, it’s a true tragedy for that same person to say that a positive life cannot be achieved. It absolutely can. Life is what we make of it for the most part, but you must grow in strength. This is what the beautiful encouragement behind faith and health efforts have been telling us for so long. You can live as a timid creature, or step by step try to make yourself brave and confident. This doesn’t mean putting on your ‘war face’ to make it through life. It means growing your roots and spreading your presence, just like how a great tree develops over time.

One of the most important things anyone can learn in this approach is how to defend your corner. While the old bible adage is read as stating ‘the meek shall inherit the Earth,’ one of the newer and more accurate readings translates ‘meek’ into the more profound ‘those who are strong but choose to be kind.’ This means a great deal for your perception regarding your own development. To be good, competent and just, you have to develop yourself so those decisions mean something.

Here are some tips for doing so:

Refine Yourself
A child is nothing but potential. It is open, filled with beauty and joy. As a child must grow, it must enter a period of discipline. This is why we have them attend school. They must learn the social and intellectual game to the point where they might make good citizens, no matter where on the socioeconomic or intelligence distribution they fall into. Refining yourself then is a matter of taking potential and becoming better through discipline. It means pursuing hobbies and becoming great at those that most suit you.

It means caring about your career, or caring wholeheartedly about raising your family. It means investing yourself in something you consider to be beneficial and wholesome. Refining yourself takes time, energy and effort. It gives you a foothold to truly caring about your lot in life, and equips you to defend that if need be, through whatever means is most appropriate. Invest in yourself, and you automatically become someone who has something valid to say through that effort alone.

We are stronger in numbers. Sometimes this means simply being fully truthful about any and all negative situations you might discuss with your family. It might mean truly discerning in competent services such as Hope Lefeber to help you through a difficult time. It might mean outpouring your emotions instead of stoically pushing them in. Remember, you are a node in a wide span of connections, and the more you can attempt to be truthful and appreciate of what you have, the better your situation becomes. Caring about yourself individually will lead to neglecting others, but only focusing on caring about others will certainly make you neglect yourself. In order to lift your burden and be a good person at the end of it all, truth, and the willingness to approach difficult situations must come forward and connect you to people, rather than pushing you away from them. This leads to a much healthier, happier life, and raises your ‘team’ to help you defend anything you need to.

With this in mind, defending your corner will become a natural response to difficulty, and not something born out of desperation or fear. Before long, you’ll realize how strong you are!

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