March 28, 2018

The Best Countries For The Hungry Traveller

Seeing as food is something that motivates a lot of us as human beings, it’s very clear we travel in search of the best plates in high end restaurants to the most greasy yet belly filling burgers from the dives down in the most metropolitan areas. And because of that, going in search of everything the world has to offer us on a plate is considered one of life’s greatest joys! Why not try it out yourself?

If you’re looking to get back on the road, it’s time to hit up all of the best countries to eat in. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad in your search for the best foods known to man. Try to consider it a pet project you’re going to dedicate a good few months to; after all, you can learn a lot of life skills (not to mention new recipes) on your way there and back again.

From the best lunch in Carmel, CA to the street vendors down in New Orleans, if you head to America, you’re going to find all sorts of cuisines to delight in. And they’re all going to have their own unique recipe spins, and that’s something to get excited about! Every state you go in and out of will be known for a different food or drink, and being able to try every single one on your trip is your traveler given right.

When you come across a place that has a neon sign up, offering you the best sandwiches this side of the Mojave, or you witness the inside through the window and see the red tiled floor, you’re in the pinnacle of the American cuisine dream. Head inside, sit down and take your order, and make sure you’re ready for the portion sizes. Don’t forget to tip your server when you’re stuffed and on your way out again!

Mexico is a place that has a lot of influence on the cuisine of the rest of the world, particularly its American cousin. And it’s no wonder people take it up so easily when it’s one of the most delicious food types in the world! There’s so many spices on offer in a single plate of food that you’re going to be tasting the enchilada you just ate for weeks, and you’ll always be coming back for the burrito.

The ingredients are always fresh and blended together, giving you a complete picture of the perfect taste. And the people who made these dishes originally have handed down their recipes to the people working to serve you the best taco you’ve ever had, so you know it’s going to better than anything you’ve ever tasted before.

When you’re next out on your way to the airport, consider if where you’re going is famous for good food. Of course every country has their own delicacy, hand crafted with love, so make sure you indulge in it whilst you are there. You won’t ever regret the decision! 

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