March 24, 2018

Why Being Aware Of Tragedy Helps You Live A Better Life

Being aware of tragedy can help you live a better life. This might seem opposite to what we expect. How can thinking about the harsh realities of life keep us happy and positive? Well, there are many reasons for this. After all, naivety is no virtue. It is a childlike quality, something which we must protect in our youth. However, as adults, we all know in our own way just how difficult things can become. If not personally, through the news stories we are often subject to.

Staying an aware and informed citizen is something that gives you a true platform to be a good person. Here’s how:

An uncommon response to tragedy is gratitude -- while this is not always common, it shows that while difficulty can occur in the unlikeliest of places, so can complete and total good. It makes you more sensitive to the beauty and warmth around you, especially if you haven’t really been perceiving this for some time. It also makes you more tender and appreciative of your potential for good. This means simply being less quick to anger, being more accepting of people, and more ready to listen to those around you. Distaste and unhappiness is easy to fall into when you’re not comfortable or grateful for your surroundings. Remember, it could be much, much, much worse.

Being aware of the tragedy of certain areas of life is a great way to take the first step in combating it. Not only this, but it gives you the power to truly define what this means to you. For example, it is difficult to learn of the rates of starvation in the world. However, once this is digested, you have the ability to decide your avenue of action. Do you begin, or do you simply let that statistic continue? Of course, not all of us have such noble goals, but finding small problems that we can help with is always much better than hiding our heads away from that difficulty. It might give us emotional pain to confront this straight on, but with courage and Bible verses about hope at our side, we can truly become the people we would admire ourselves as.

Children are often sheltered from the harsh realities of life. Good. That’s important for development. A child should be afforded a childhood, and all children deserve a great childhood. However, as they mature and gain into their adolescent years, they become curious about the world. They want to know more. Your job as a parent or other other responsible role is to ensure they are drip-fed this appropriately and comfortably. Children who are fully sheltered without learning this for themselves are often novices and naive well into adulthood. There’s a popular expression quoted in the Bible, that ‘the meek shall inherit the Earth.’ However, more risky and modern translations of this phrase are ‘The Earth will be inherited by those who are strong but choose to be kind.’ This is a new interpretation that completely solidifies the fact that strong good will always be a pure and justified thing. However, in order to get there, people must be aware of suffering.

With the right courage, facing the world through this lens can grant you a feeling of true ability, and the actions you take will be appropriate and redeemed.

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