April 3, 2018

Simple Ways You Can Save Money On Your Travel Expenses

It must have been easy back in the old days when your whole world would be within something like a two-mile radius. Need to visit someone? No problem, you’d be there in twenty minutes, and it won’t have cost you anything. Fast forward to today, and it seems like we spend our whole lives moving from one place to another - and paying handsomely for the privilege. However, our travel expenses don’t have to be quite as expensive as they currently are. With a bit of smart thinking, we can put more money in our back pocket - and still make it from A to B.

Buddy Up
Take a look at the insides of the cars stuck in a traffic jam, and you’ll notice something: most of the cars only have one person in them! This is part of the reasons for the jam in the first place, and just think how much money they’re all spending. If you live near someone that you work with, then you shouldn’t think twice about buddy-ing up and sharing the journey to work with them. Just make sure it’s a colleague that doesn’t irritate you, and it might even be fun - and you’ll have instantly halved your commuting budget.

Smart Car Driving
Of course, we’re not just going to and from work in our vehicles; we’re going everywhere! So it’s unlikely that selling your car or only using it for work is an option. However, you can cut the cost of car ownership, in two primary ways. The first is to lease your car, rather than buy, from a company like intelligentcarleasing.com. It can reduce your monthly expenditures, and you won’t need to worry about depreciation. The second is to learn how to drive properly: if you’re easy on the brakes, not so hard on the accelerator, you’ll soon find that you’re spending much less cash on gas.

Wherever Possible, Walk or Cycle

There are many incidences when it’s just not worth driving. We’re so used to just hopping in our vehicles, that we forget that sometimes taking the bus isn’t just cheaper - it can sometimes be faster! For shorter distances, walking or cycling would be a better option. If you’re cycling, then you’ll have to spend some cash buying a bike, but it’ll last you for years, will save you money, and get you fitter at the same time. Easy decision.

Flying at the Right Time
We’re all going abroad more often than we used to, to the point where we have to include the cost of flights into our budgets! If you’re travelling often, it’s time to become a savvy-traveller. Flying during the week, for example, is much cheaper than flying at the weekend. And checked baggage? It costs more, and you probably don’t really need it - we’re all guilty of taking clothes on holiday that we never end up wearing!

You’re never going to have no travel costs, but with a bit of thought, you can keep the costs to a minimum!

*This is a collaborative/contributed/partnered, compensated post. The copy, content, images & opinions are not my own. 

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