June 13, 2018

At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

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We've all done it, or at least thought about it - whitening our teeth, that is. Personally, I've tried several options - I've used the white strips (those gooey, slippery little things that never quite seemed to stay in place), the whitening toothpaste (although, I could never really tell a difference), and the whitening mouthwash to name a few. Nothing with substantial results, really.

When I was contacted by Smile Brilliant with an option to do a review, I admit, I was skeptical. Would it be like the others? Lots of hope with minimal payoff? I'd honestly never heard of an at-home professional teeth whitening system before, so I wanted to do some research first. I scoured their website. I watched YouTube videos, read tons of reviews and testimonies. After all, these are my teeth! I don't want to potentially jeopardize the health and structure just for the sake of vanity. But honestly? Everything checked out. Seriously.

The Smile Brilliant begins, at it's core, working just for you. The first thing you do is make trays that are specifically fitted to your particular set of teeth. Have you ever gotten a set of impressions done at a dentist? It's kind of like that. Your kit comes with these small containers of white and blue putty as well as two mouth trays. You mix one jar of blue putty with one jar of white putty until the colors are combined and then evenly spread it throughout the mouth tray, working as fast as possible. (Once the putty colors are combined, they begin to cure).

Once the putty is in the tray, you open your mouth and place it on your top set of teeth and gently press your teeth all the way in the putty, up to the gums, being careful not to drag your teeth or bite the tray. The tray must stay in place for three minutes to get a good impression. Once the proper amount of time has passed, gently pop the tray away from your teeth and repeat the process on your bottom teeth. Once both impressions have been made, rinse the trays for several minutes under cold water, but *do not* remove the putty from the trays. Let they trays sit for at least 30 minutes before putting them back in the pre-paid envelope to send back to Smile Brilliant.

Once you've mailed your impressions back to Smile Brilliant, their lab technicians will get to work making you your very own custom fitted trays. Once those are completed, they'll mail them back to you and you can begin your teeth whitening process.

Okay, so let's break the teeth whitening process down, step-by-step:

1. Brush teeth with water (not toothpaste, fluoride slows down the whitening process)

2. Whiten for 45 minutes-3 hours (3 hours max per day! Do not whiten overnight, it can cause extreme sensitivity)

3. Brush teeth with a non-whitening toothpaste

4. Rinse trays out with cool water

5. Desensitize for 20 minutes (do not drink or eat for 1 hour after each session)

6. Remove trays, but do not rinse your mouth or brush your teeth, just spit (leave a thin layer of desensitizing gel on your teeth)

7. Sleep! It is the best to whiten before bed so you are not introducing any staining food or drinks.
Sounds easy enough, right? The average person will need one to two weeks of daily (or every other day) applications to remove all stains from their teeth. For reference - One gel syringe holds 3-4 full applications aka enough to cover both the upper and lower teeth. I feel like this is a given but just in case I should probably mention that while you're using the Smile Brilliant system, you really need to avoid teeth staining food like coffee, wine, tea, dark colored soda, berries, red sauces, candy, beets, chocolate...basically, any foods that have the tendency to contain a lot of natural or artificial dyes in them. If they'll stain your clothes, they'll stain your teeth.

Overall thoughts? Wayyyyy worth it. I have a fair amount of teeth sensitivity so I went into the process using the desensitizing gel and I only stayed in the whitening trays for about an hour each time, but I am really pleased with the very noticeable change so far. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the gel got into the edges between my teeth and whitened them as well, but I think I need to give props to the custom whitening trays for that! I don't know anyone who wants patchy white teeth! The trays really allow the whitening gel to reach all areas of your teeth.

 don't judge, you guys!

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 Smile Brilliant sent me their at-home teeth whitening system as a PR sample in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and in no way are influenced by Smile Brilliant.

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